18 People Who Took Care of Themselves and Achieved Amazing Results

Now more than ever it is easy to become a person who is nice to see in the mirror. Stylists, cosmetologists, trainers, even surgeons – they are all ready to help with the transformation of anyone who does not mind investing in their appearance. However, sometimes for success it is enough just to grow up.

We at  Happy Worthy Life love to watch motivating transformations and hope that our heroes will become an example for those who have not yet decided on a change.

1. “Mom was right: this stage of my life has passed, and thank God”

2. “18 and 26 years old. I finally grew up

3. There is hope. From 13 to 18

4. From 18 to 24

5. “18 and 20 years. Officially, 2 years have passed since the moment when I started taking care of myself. Great feeling “

6. “It’s me at 20 and at 23”

7. “Transformation of my wife is the best I’ve seen.”

8. “At the beginning of the third decade, I looked more like a troll. On the 4th became a man “

9. “I lost 38.5 kg in 17 months, I want to get rid of another 7. I can’t believe that my face has changed so much”

10. “19 and 29. I think changes have benefited me”

11. She dropped 54 kg – half her weight

12. “She got rid of 98 kg in 22 months. At the same time I discovered that happiness depends not only on weight ”

13. “This is just some kind of magic. At 12, she looked like Harry Potter, at 31 she changed. ”

14. “11 and 36. Although my mother believed that I had a cute haircut, I was often mistaken for a boy and teased. Well, never again. “

15. “17 and 34. I regret that I plucked my eyebrows too hard in my youth: now I spend a lot of time shaping them”

16. “Photo on the 1st passport, here I am 18. And one of my 1 model shots aged over 30”

“13 and 40. Then I had a severe depression: at school every day I were bullied because of excess weight. At 40, I am more healthy than ever, both physically and mentally. “

18. “Dropped 28 kg. “I used to take pictures so rarely, now I don’t know how to behave in the frame.”

How much have you changed in recent years?

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