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19 People Who Were Incredibly Lucky

Life sometimes throws up such unexpected that I want to tell everyone around about it. So, it is impossible when you see a tree fell on your pickup. Or when you are photographing a beautiful rainbow, and suddenly lightning flashes at the moment.

We want to show the lucky ones who managed to catch their luck by the tail.

“The gods of the airlines blessed me today.”

I went to take a picture of the rainbow and lightning struck at the same time!

This is the smallest pit I’ve ever seen in an avocado

In Iceland, a landslide split into two “streams” right in front of a farmhouse

A crazy wind snapped a tree in half, only barely missing my neighbor’s truck

And a pine tree landing directly on a fence post

Got a bell pepper without seeds

19 People Who Were Incredibly Lucky

Photographer in India accidentally captures the moment when a meteor flew through the sky

“When I was cleaning my closet, I found 25 $ 2 bills.”

Took the most epic picture, the fire decided to join us in our peace sign

“Found a very cool sofa this morning.”

This guy’s check flies away and then magically returns to the cart.

All flights in Portugal were cancelled except for my dad’s flight

My car got hit so hard the license plate of the other car got embedded in the bumper

Nearly got stabbed in the foot. Missed by millimetres.

Randomly grabbed a stack of storage bins and it fits perfectly in the truck bed

I found a humpback whale jaw I found this weekend in New England

Was taking a snapchat and managed to snap a picture of a bird milliseconds from hitting my side mirror

When was the last time you were lucky?

Photo by Reddit

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