20 Examples of People Who Start A New Life From ‘ Very Stranger Things ‘

20 Examples of People Who Start A New Life From ‘ Very Stranger Things ‘. Some people have the talent to turn everything they touch into a real masterpiece. They can easily make a bag out of scraps of old fabric or sew a dress from a tablecloth and curtains. And how do you like the idea of ​​turning a vintage TV into a cozy house for a cat? 

At Happy Worthy Life, we love finding photos of ‘ Very Stranger Things ‘ that literally get a second chance. And today we are sharing with you a new selection.

“I found this dress in the basement of my grandmother and gave her a second life”

“I sewed a set of a skirt and a cropped top from an old sheet”

The old Zenit TV of the 60s became an ideal house for a cat

Only 2 minutes – and the neckline of this dress is completely transformed. And no sewing machine was needed

“I never thought that I would ever wear this shirt again”

“I bought this cute little mirror at a thrift store for only $ 2, and then repainted it.”

“My wife changed my old shirts, and now the daughters have gorgeous dresses that they first wore on Father’s Day.”

I gave this chair a much needed glow up

“I made my dog ​​a raincoat from an old umbrella. She still seems unimpressed. ”

20 Examples of People Who Start A New Life From ' Very Stranger Things '
moonkoko / Reddit  

“For the first time in my life I sewed a dress. It used to be a tablecloth. “

“Made a handbag of some rags and old jeans. And she’s perfect for the dress I sewed a few days ago. ”

“Turned a pair of ridiculous leggings with a Dodo bird into a bodysuit for her little son”

New apron from old ties

“I sewed a bag from a military uniform”

“I gave $ 30 for a chest of drawers, $ 15 for paint and another $ 25 for legs and accessories”

“I saw this swimsuit in the series” Very Strange Things “and sewed the same of two men’s shirts bought in a second-hand”

“Turned a T-shirt into a great dress.”

This baby elephant used to be a very worn men’s shirt, which they planned to send to the dump.

“I sewed this dress from a sheet and curtains”

“I bought this dress in a second hand for $ 45 and remade it for my own wedding.”

Have you ever given a new life to very stranger things? Send us photos, and let as many people as possible see the result of your work.

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