20+ Frank Stories About Why Not Everyone Can Do Flight Attendant Work

There are many stereotypes associated with the flight attendant profession. It seems that only people of model appearance who know how to smile beautifully and carry lunch during a flight are hired. In fact, flight attendants are needed to save the life of a passenger in any situation, so they always have to keep themselves in excellent physical shape, possess a variety of skills and make certain sacrifices.

We at Happy Worthy Life decided to figure out what the everyday life of flight attendants from different airlines looks like from the inside. At the end, a small bonus: you can check whether you have a lot in common with representatives of this profession.

Alena (airline “Russia”)

20+ Frank Stories About Why Not Everyone Can Do Flight Attendant Work
  • To become a flight attendant, you need to go through a bunch of tests, comply with a huge number of standards for health, appearance and speech, to know languages. For example, at the medical board you will be put in a special swivel chair, they will unwind for several minutes, and then they will offer you to go in a straight line and not stumble.
20+ Frank Stories About Why Not Everyone Can Do Flight Attendant Work
  • A watch is an attribute of any flight attendant. The whole crew checks time against them. The design should be classic, without stones, rhinestones and jewelry. There are restrictions on the size, color and materials of which the case, strap and dial are made. Electronic watches are prohibited.
20+ Frank Stories About Why Not Everyone Can Do Flight Attendant Work

I somehow go into the cockpit to take an order.
– What do you want from drinks?
–  Tomato juice with cream . And add ice. Why are you looking at me like that? It’s delicious, try it yourself.
And the commander was right. It is really delicious.

Alena shows how to make a branded hairstyle stewardess.

  • That year, right before the wedding, we were stuck in London for a day. I had a small comb, a disposable toothbrush, mini-versions of micellar, face cream and hand cream. Using a hand cream, I did my hair the next day, and with my toothbrush I set my eyebrows. Since that time, I always take miniatures with me: they will definitely come in handy!
  • Thermal water should not be taken on an airplane . Despite the fact that the composition includes salts that make it hydroscopic, it still evaporates. Add dry airplane air to this. Magic water will only dry the skin and at the same time enhance the evaporation of its own moisture in the surface layers of the epidermis. Bottom line: instead of moisturizing, you get dehydration.

Ekaterina (Air Astana)

20+ Frank Stories About Why Not Everyone Can Do Flight Attendant Work
  • I graduated from a choreographic school and was engaged in 11 years of folk dancing, then sports ballroom. She worked a little in show ballet. Graduated from Kazakh-German University with a degree in International Relations. Immediately after that I went to Air Astana. I have been working as a flight attendant for 3 years now.
  • What’s in the stewardess’s bag? Replaceable shoes, an apron, gloves to get hot dishes and not to get burned, a cosmetic bag (I put a sanitizer and drops to moisturize my eyes because the plane has dry air), a wallet and documents, a job description, a medical book, a flight book, medicines, signal vest, pass certificate, house keys and spare watches.

Ekaterina (Emirates Airlines)

20+ Frank Stories About Why Not Everyone Can Do Flight Attendant Work
  • I tried to get here for 2 years. Typically, a company conducts Open Days (for everyone) or Assessment Days (through an agency that pre-selects candidates). One such day consists of 5-6 stages of the interview. Those who have passed have yet to pass the English language and psychological test. Next up is the final Skype interview. Only Assessment Days are conducted in Russia: 100-120 people come to them, about 3% of people are selected . Naturally, all stages of the interview are in English. There are a lot of requirements for candidates, these are the main ones: good looks, height from 160 cm, age from 21 years, work experience in different fields and conversational English. ⠀
20+ Frank Stories About Why Not Everyone Can Do Flight Attendant Work
  • Now I have passed the probationary period, the next exams are passed. During the 3.5 months of flights, I visited 14 new countries and 17 cities, met thousands of people from different countries with different mentality, with different emphasis and perception of the world. Some people inspired me for new dreams and new goals. Over the past six months, I have gained more knowledge than at 6 years at the university.

Ilya (former flight attendant of Orenair and Nordwind Airlines)

20+ Frank Stories About Why Not Everyone Can Do Flight Attendant Work
  • Salary mainly depends on hours spent in the sky. Previously, they paid a certain per diem for each country. Today, this is the standard amount per day, regardless of country. If you fly on a business trip to Cuba, then this is 13 hours, to Barcelona – 4 hours, and the daily allowance is the same.
  • Flight attendants stay in the same hotels as passengers on absolutely the same conditions. Plus they erase the form. Meals, rooms and all the amenities of a hotel are paid by the airline.
  • Every year you have to confirm your right to be a flight attendant. Everyone trains on simulators, repeats how to extinguish fires and provide medical care, undergo a medical examination. Tests are taken monthly (in almost all airlines). Then once every six months – autumn-winter and spring-summer preparations. And every 2 years – a complete update of all knowledge with all procedures and ensuing.
20+ Frank Stories About Why Not Everyone Can Do Flight Attendant Work
  • Arriving at the airport and just waiting for the flight for which you arrived to fly away … and leaving home. This is called being in reserve. And you come just in case: suddenly someone is not ready to fly. If you live near the airport and the authorities are confident in you, they can allow you not to be at the airport when you are on standby. Reserve plan in all airlines issue at different times. Somewhere – for a month, and somewhere – a couple of days in advance.

The nuances of work in the sky, noticed by other cabin crew and ordinary travelers

  • Several years ago, at the airline where I worked, I had to have 2 pairs of interchangeable shoes: high-heeled – to greet passengers and demonstrate emergency rescue – and low – for horizontal flight. © AlyaZyablik / pikabu
  • We were taught the right way to do manicures – so as to comply with the Emirates standard. For example, nails should be coated with either clear varnish, or red (necessarily to match the shape), or a jacket. No exceptions! Then we were told how to care for our skin, especially after the flight. They explained how to monitor your health, how much you need to sleep, how to prepare for the flight, apply makeup and do your hair (all in accordance with the requirements of the airline). And finally, the most exciting thing is how to wear a uniform and look after it! In particular, how to tie a white veil with a hat. © olesya-flight / livejournal
  • Because of the coronavirus epidemic, flight attendants draw lunch options on plain paper like this, so as not to give out passengers on the plane a menu that hundreds of different people touch. © balajis / twitter
  • Of course, pilots know more than cabin crew. But there are several areas of knowledge where flight attendants are trained much better. For example, how to survive in a deserted area, what to do first, then what – all this information we get on a survival course. He, of course, goes all day, but nonetheless. On the exam they still ask. What to do first: protect yourself from bad weather or get water? How to mine it? Which swamp water can be drunk, and which can not? How to protect yourself from the sun in the desert? How to determine where the north is, in cloudy weather, when you can not see any stars, nor sunrise or sunset? How to get fresh water, drifting on a raft in the ocean? Etc. The training program also includes the feature film “Alive”, shot on real events about the plane crash over the Andes in 1972. Very heavy movie. I highly recommend not watching.© man-in-the-sky / livejournal
  • A couple of years ago a girlfriend who worked as a stewardess lived with me. That period of my life was marked by a full refrigerator of food from the plane: milk, sweets, sugar, sets of fish, meat with mashed potatoes, rice. Stewardesses shared the remainder of the flight equally among themselves. © Shanyi / pikabu
  • Flight attendants rest twice a year for 35 days. Total 70. Believe me, this is well deserved. The last days before the holidays are already holding on in the last breath. Are you tired so that only 35 days can bring you to your senses. But in the end, you get so used to it that you will never want to go to work on the land and rest twice for 14 days. For 35 days, you completely forget that you were once a flight attendant, and you have to get involved again. By the middle of the vacation, all friends and relatives are already starting to squint and ask: “But what, aren’t you going to work?” © FuckItLetsFly / pikabu

Bonus: you’re a real flight attendant if …

  • Entering a bus, minibus or train car, the first thing you can do is figure out how, if something happens, get out of there.
  • Having noticed a crowd of people, you automatically and instantly count them, remembering how many children and infants are in their arms.
  • Able in half an hour to pack up to the ends of the world and completely put in the suitcase the most necessary, without forgetting anything.
  • You close the open cabinet doors with such speed and perseverance that no one except you will have time to get anything out of there.
  • Waking up in the middle of the night, you’re wondering what time it is, but in what city you are.
  • At least once you thought about buying a fire extinguisher.
  • Eat with cosmic speed, out of habit – standing.
  • You manage to buy everything you need in Duty Free in 15 minutes and calmly walk to the plane.
  • You like to carefully consider evacuation plans in hotels, cinemas and shopping centers.
  • On take-off before switching off the “Fasten your seatbelt” display you have enough time to sleep and recharge your batteries until the end of the flight.
  • You can get together for a record time on a flight by doing a hairstyle, make-up and preparing something to eat, and then go out 5 minutes earlier and curse yourself all day that you haven’t slept these extra minutes.

We admire the work of these people and wish them always flying weather and soft landings. Would you like to try yourself as a flight attendant?

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