20 People Shared Photos of Relatives Who are Not Inferior to Movie Stars

The unique appearance is distinguished not only by movie stars, but also by other people whose faces, unfortunately, were not seen by millions of people. But this injustice was corrected by their relatives, who wanted to share photos of cinematically beautiful ancestors with the whole world. These pictures are without filters, not processed in Photoshop, so you can appreciate the real beauty.


We were silent when we looked at pictures of these people. And from the bonus you will learn how you can be handsome in youth and remain the same in 100 years.

“My sister and I recently found old photos of our grandmother on the Internet. She was a successful model. I’m so sorry I didn’t catch her.”

“Mom looks like a real movie star. She is only 23 years old in this photo. “

“Mom with her parents in Greece. She’s 14 here. ”

“Sixteen year old mother in 1983. A nose ring is a cultural feature of these places. They pierced her nose when she was 5 ”


“My grandfather shortly after he was called up for war in 1944. He was a marine

“Mom in 1970. She still works as a nurse. ”

“This is my great-great-great-grandfather and his brother around 1849. They both served as clerks at the Manchester Victoria Station of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railways. ”


“Mom before emigrating to Australia from Vietnam”

“Today my grandmother turned 102 years old. She’s amazing! ”

My dad rockin the hell out of those bell bottoms in the late 70s. Shaggin wagon included.

“My gorgeous grandma on her wedding day in 1954”


“My parents were in Cuba ,1967. And my mother is real queen.”

“This is a portrait of my great-great-grandmother, made in the late 19th century. She’s wearing a Victorian suit.”


“My grandfather gave me this photo last Christmas. He glued it and inserted it into the frame. Here he serves in the army in the 1950s. ”

“My great-grandmother Francis. She was one of the most motivated nurses. We, the grandchildren, were very, very lucky that she had been in our lives for so long ”

“My gorgeous mom looks amazing. Photo taken in the 1970s in East Africa. ”

“Father was a freshman in college in 1966. About a year later he entered the fleet and participated in the Vietnam War. ”

“My beautiful grandmother in 1940”

“Dad in the 60s”

“My grandfather Jack is 100 years old today. He was a fighter pilot during World War II. He’s also the record holder: the oldest person in the world who has been given braces at 98 years old! ”

Do you have relatives whose beauty you admire? Attach photos to comments.

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