20+ People Talked About Their Favorite Things That Have Been Pretty Worn For Years

During life, a person is overgrown with a huge number of things. We can hardly remember the existence of them, – we cherish, and even pass on by inheritance.

We are sure that years can change the appearance of objects, but they have no power over memories dear to our hearts. Make sure you too. And at the end of the article, you will find a bonus – things that have not changed their appearance even for decades

“My teddy bear after 22 years of love compared to its original appearance”


“My rugby shorts are 15 years old. My wife wants me to part with it. But I’ve had them longer than I’ve had her. “

“Finally found a replacement for my favorite cap”


“The same book. One is used and wet from the rain, the other is brand new. “

“In 2008 I bought about 12 pairs of SmartWool socks and wear them every day. They are still holding on! “

“This is what 3,000 miles of cycling does with a pair of gloves.”

“Place where my palm rests against my MacBook”

“After 3 years of daily wear, I finally replaced my insoles.”

“This radio is 40 years old. Mom still uses it every day. “

“This bear passed to me from my father. He is almost 60 years old “

“My work pants are the same color and size. On the right – after 8 months “

“Meet the monkey Jack, he was my son’s ‘bear’. He is 15, but he had a busy life. He traveled to Morocco, India, France, Denmark and the Netherlands. “

12 year old iPod compared to a fully restored one.

“He sits on my bed and like all good teddy bears, protects me while I sleep. And so already for 47 years “

“Finally, mom has found a replacement for her favorite spoon. For 27 years she has been using the one in the photo below. “

The grill in the McDonalds I work at, the circles are where we place burgers every time.


“On the left – 26 years of pure love. On the right is a brand new cow that I bought for my child. I hope he loves her as much as I loved mine. “

I had no idea these grips were originally hot pink until I cut them off.

“Meet Ollie. And next to him is a new panda and a 3-year-old panda “

Just my 9 year olds sandals. They’re still surprisingly stylish and comfortable to this day, despite them looking all beat up from this view.

“14 year old steering wheel in my partner’s car”

“I present to you my Teddy bear. He is 26 years old”

Bonus: things over which time has no control

“My grandmother just bought me some coat hangers and they are identical to the ones she bought in 1969.You can see the difference? “

“My treasure. I inherited the 1968 Rolex from my grandfather. He gave it to himself in honor of his retirement for $ 250 – that was his entire monthly salary. “

Was given the family cast iron upon moving out – I’m sure I’ll pass these onto my kids in 30-40 years

“My grandmother bought this carpet brush in the early 60’s. She gave it to me when I moved to my first apartment. I love this thing, it works like a clock. “

“This watch has been waking me up for 40 years.”

Do you have things that have been pretty worn out by time, but you don’t want to part with them?

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