20 People Who Dramatically Changed Their Lives and They Succeed

Getting rid of bad habits, excess weight and humiliating relationships, people finally take a step towards themselves. And this is reflected in the appearance – they literally blossom, begin to like themselves, and so little by little their life changes. A new life begins unexpectedly: not from Monday or New Year, but with a decisive step.


We at Happy Worthy Life admire people who persistently pursue their goal and are not afraid of change. They share their joy with the whole world, posting photos “before and after”, often they simply cannot be recognized on the latter. Take a look and see for yourself.

“I was 27, married, have housing, work, but there was no feeling of“ the world of my dreams “. All sold and went with his wife on a trip. As a result, settled in Goa “

Jen Atkin (Jen Atkin) after breaking up with a guy lost 51 kilograms and became “Miss Great Britain – 2020”

“Transformation in 3 years of playing sports: 70 on the left, 73 on the right”

Once Sarah’s daughter, Jane Adams posted a photo of her mother on Instagram and it made a splash. Sara started her page and became a model

Now Sarah is not only a model, but also a jewelry designer, and also has a travel blog.

“I lost weight, began to visit a hairdresser and wisely choose clothes. But the main thing is that he learned to communicate with people and realized that it was stupid to hate yourself ”

“I escaped from a toxic relationship that destroyed my mental and physical health. Now I am free and happy, it can be seen in the photo “


“My hair has always been a protective cover for me, which I could hide behind. Yesterday I cut 15 cm and dyed it. I’ve never been so happy before. ”

“11 months ago, I quit my job, sold everything I had, and left to sail around the world. And that’s where I am now – today my 10,000th mile has been covered ”

“Before and after the operation. I had several friends who did not recognize me and came back to meet me again, haha ​​”

Dean Schneider quit his job, sold housing and moved to Africa, where he created a wildlife sanctuary.

“I  felt miserable and did not do what I wanted, so I decided to follow the dream.”


“Today was the first day I left a hateful job, and instead of the usual 4–5 panic attacks, I had only one! I haven’t been so happy for a long time ”

“Threw off almost 50 kilograms. That’s how my face has changed. ”

“A year after leaving my job, my finest hour has come. A dream come true: the store I visited as a child sells a game that I invented. ”

“After suddenly and for a long time I went to the hospital because of my lifestyle, I decided that it was time to change something”

“The girl whom I was planning to make an offer left me, and I decided to change my life. “I got a promotion at work, met a new girl, and now I’m buying my first apartment!”

“A year ago, my husband, who never had a dog, was very afraid of them and did not think to start his own. I managed to convince him, and here is the result “

“He sold the house, quit his job, and set off to travel with his cat Willow. “It was not easy to abandon my former life, but now I am truly lucky!”


“I lost weight, learned to do makeup, began to dress in something that really suits me”

“This little guy changed my life. I’m struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, but when this baby begins to purr, the fear recedes. ”

“I love the photo before and after. About 5 years of difference “

“Recently, more and more often, instead of“ How good you look ”I hear:“ You have a very exhausted look. ”
But I think it’s the aunts from accounting who are simply envious

20 People Who Dramatically Changed Their Lives and They Succeed
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“How My Life Has Changed Over the Weekend”

“In the fall, I ended a bad relationship, and I focused on myself. Fell in love and began to do more at work. I’m happy!”


“The hanging belly started to annoy me very much. An obsession stuck in my head – I have to change. I went to study as a trainer, I’ll work – to help people the same as I was once ”

Have you had a cool time changing your life? If so, tell us how you found motivation for yourself and how you fed it while you were reaching your goal?

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