20+ Photos Where People Recreated Their Old Family Photos Perfectly

For many years now, internet users have been recreating their old family photos. The participants of this peculiar flash mob are trying to come out on new pictures as similar as possible to themselves on old frames. It turns out especially good if people are in the same place, in the same position and clothes, for example, a brother and sister at number 7 or a married couple from paragraph 10 in our article.

Today it is no longer possible to find out who was the first to come up with scenes from family photo albums, but we consider this idea to be great.

1. “I am with my brothers and sister, 1995 and 2013”

2. “My sister and I recreated our first photo together”

3. “Over the past 16 years of pride in my eyes only increased”

4. “I photographed my father at the Golden Gate Bridge, recreating a frame 15 years ago”

5. This photo was reproduced 24 years later. Officer M. Jackson and Officer A. Jackson – father and daughter

6. Photos taken with a difference of about 18 years

7. 22 years later

8. Christmas 1997 vs. Christmas 2019

9. “26 years later. Me and my twin sister on our 30th birthday. Our most awkward photo “

10. “In honor of the 50th wedding anniversary, my wife and I reproduced our wedding photo. She is wearing the same dress. ”

11. The first photo was taken in 1989, the second – in 2018

12. To repeat the photo, the man even found a tall sunflower. 1986 and 2019

13. The difference between the photographs is approximately 30 years old.

14. “My cousin holds me in her arms. 1984 and 2011 “

15. “The Tree and Me in 2003 and 2020”

16. “12 years later. By the way, in the pictures in the center, my grandmother. When they took the second photo, she was 74 “

17. The difference between the pictures after 13 years.

18. “I (bottom left) with cousins. 1999 and 2019 years

19. “Grandfather (my father) and his 4 grandchildren. Between Photos – 10 Years

20. My dad when he first adopted my 1yo blind cat Cheddar, and them together on Cheddar’s 18th birthday!

21. 2000 vs 2015

22. In 2017, photographers present at the game of Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal accidentally recreated a 2003 shot

Did you repeat the old pictures over the years? If so, show them to us!

What do you think?

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