20+ Proofs That Singapore Deserves The Original Medal

Over the course of some 50 years, Singapore has turned into a super-developed country, which is admired by its neighbors. It is a city-state with an area ​​only 719 sq. km. For most people, Singapore is associated with the city of incredible skyscrapers, immersed in greenery, engineering achievements and strange bans (but most often fair).
By the way, should be thoroughly studied, so as not to get into a mess. As in any city, Singapore is dominated by the people who made it so successful and prosperous. Therefore, it was interesting for us to spy on the everyday life of the townspeople.

We decided to find out how the life of Singaporeans differs from the everyday life of residents of any other city. And we seem to have several answers to that.

” Windows of this monorail in Singapore turn opaque when passing by residential buildings, to protect the privacy of those living there “

  • It’s cool and scary at the same time. 

“A vending machine where you can buy a piece of Norwegian salmon”

“I call this work The Ladder of Life Choice”

WellOkayMaybe / Reddit
  • The McDonald’s sign should point to the nearest lift.

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in 2008 and 2011

24-hour pizza machine

  • How does this modern miracle of science work? Is the pizza ready? 
  • They are pre-cooked.

“I saw it at the mall. But why did they do that? “

Because people still go around the usual No Entry sign instead of going up to another floor. stockflethoverTDS / Reddit

“I was contacted by representatives of Jewel Airport after they saw my birthday cake for my son’s birthday.”

“They gave us rides tickets, a badge and a mascot toy for his birthday.”

English vs Singlish

PanzerSoul / Reddit

Singlish is a Singaporean version of the English language.

The Singapore taxi has a rearview mirror on the passenger side

It is needed so that you can see if a vehicle is driving next to you before you open the door. 

“This Lamborghini was photographed by my father in Singapore.”

My 5 year old daughter would love it. BaconPit / Reddit

A pet store that only sells ants

Perfect bedroom layout in a Singapore apartment

That’s all. You live in paradise. Don’t try to convince me otherwise. pancakemonkey21 / Reddit

“Someone lost their glasses at the bus stop. I left them in a packet with a note a week ago. And today I saw it “

leo-g / Reddit

Coconut vending machine. Apparently the first in the world

Just an ordinary morning in Singapore

Singapore has a very large population of otters, so they can be found on the main streets and even in the  pools of residential buildings.

From this place you can see Malaysia on side – the nature reserve Bukit Timah

“Take an umbrella and leave it on the other side of the crosswalk.”

Garden hotel surrounded by greenery

What impressed you the most about the lives of Singaporeans?

Photo by leo-g / Reddit

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