20+ Secret of Eternal Youth of Koreans You Don’t Know

Cosmetics, dramas, kimchi – the world has long fallen in love with these Korean features. But the Country of Morning Freshness still has many surprises in store, which they often learn about only when they find themselves there. Sometimes it seems that everything is turned upside down there: strangers easily go to the wedding, there is a special food for rainy weather, even the tomato juice there is not at all what we drink.

  • Koreans are considered one of the most stylish people in the world. One of the tricks is high- waisted clothes , which are appropriate in both classic and street styles. It is hardly possible to see jeans or a low-waist skirt on a Korean woman.
  • T-shirts, shirts or blouses cannot be tried on in some Korean brand stores . This is because local girls love to paint and do it with a feeling – when trying on a thing, you can accidentally get dirty.
  • Both girls and guys prefer long clothes. It is difficult to find lovers of short down jackets and jackets here, but dresses, vests and floor-length coats are much more common.
  • Another feature of local style is the absence of high heels. Girls prefer flat-soled shoes , and if there is a heel then the most minimal is a few centimeters.
  • Perhaps this is a consequence of the fact that Korean women still have an unwritten dress code that does not welcome overly revealing outfits. A chunky top with a V-neck or shoulder straps can attract judgmental looks.
  • Many Koreans wear shoes one size or two larger. They believe the leg should breathe, and larger shoes will provide the necessary ventilation.
  • You don’t have to buy water if you thirsty. It is enough to go to any institution and collect water for free.
  • It is important not only what a person says, but also how he does it. To show their affection and friendly, Korean women use aegyo, that is cute, childish gestures. Men can do aegyo too, but they can’t do it too much.
  • Aegyo is used in the service industry to show the customer a welcoming attitude.
  • In our opinion, tomato juice should be salty. In Korea, this drink is very different : in most coffee shops and restaurants, it looks like a smoothie and tastes sweet, because sugar or syrup is added to it.
  • It is considered uncivilized to call someone to you with a wave of the brush directed towards you and up. Instead, Koreans turn their hand downward and make familiar movements towards themselves.
  • In South Korea, there is a culture of DVD rooms . These are small cozy rooms where movies are show – not only fresh films, but also golden classics. They are often used by couples to retire and spend time together.
  • Koreans crave Pajeon and Makgeolli on a rainy day. Pajeon is a variety of jeon with scallion as its prominent ingredient, as pa means scallion. It is a Korean dish made from a batter of eggs, wheat flour, rice flour, scallions, and often other ingredients depending on the variety. Beef, pork, kimchi, shellfish, and other seafood are mostly used. According to the other, a flour dish improves mood in a gloomy time.
  • The Korean will say, “You have such a small face,” if he wants to show his admiration. This phrase can confuse a foreigner. However, in Korea, this is said to those who are considered attractive and stylish. This is nothing more than a compliment.

  • In South Korea, older friends take care of younger ones. It is in the nature of things to pay the bill at the restaurant for younger friends, come and help solve a problem, give advice. Moreover, the gender of the younger friends does not matter: the older girl can pay the bill for a fellow student a couple of years younger. The latter are commonly referred to as “dongseng”, which translates as “younger brother” or “younger sister.”
  • Not all locals have their usual beds. For a long time, Koreans slept on the floor, which the older generation was used to. Therefore, some Korean grandparents sleep on stone beds : instead of a mattress, they have a hard surface, under which there is stone chips. By the way, this bed is usually equipped with a heating system.
  • In the Land of Morning Freshness, despite the advanced technology, the fortune-telling business is still flourishing. Walking along the central streets of Seoul and other cities, you can easily stumble upon small kiosks in which clairvoyants will predict fate. Koreans take this seriously and visit them before important events: exams, starting a business, etc. Perhaps this is due to the fact that visiting a psychologist is not too approved in society, and the pressure of tradition and hierarchy is still strong.
  • Unusual job options can be found in this country. For example, portraying a beggar in an amuse park or visiting someone’s wedding as a guest . The latter are hired to demonstrate their family status. For participation in the ceremony (this is about 40 minutes), you can get about $ 20 and the opportunity to eat for free at a buffet table.
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Which of these features would you like to adopt? And which one would be very difficult for you to accept?

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