20+ Things Familiar to Us That Interesting and Loved by Foreigners

We are surrounded by many cool things that we often don’t notice or take for granted – take, for example, a bathhouse. Just a feature of national leisure – you say, a dream – will say the guest of our country. Or, for example, classical literature. Many reluctantly read these works at school “for show”, and foreigners are ready to learn Russian in order to read them in the original.

We at Happy Worthy Life became interested, and we decided to  find out how Russian culture inspires foreigners.

I grew up in Detroit – it is a hockey city with my team and a special attitude to this sport. We had idols, and we called them the “Russian five”: Larionov, Kozlov, Fedorov, Fetisov and Konstantinov. These guys were damn pretty and strong. When they were on ice, it was wonderful! Konstantinov was my favorite, I even had a T-shirt with his image. I did not play hockey, but soccer, but I was a defender, like my idol. He was not only a handsome player, but also a super-aggressive guy. We called him Vlad Tepes, as well as Vladdy, and I liked it because I had the same temperament. © Laura Hancock / quora

I am a big fan of the Kino group. I’ve been listening for over 10 years, their songs are remembered and never out of date. Tsoi was an artist and poet in the highest sense, I like the simplicity of his lyrics and melodies, the way he could make ordinary experiences so deep. His songs are relevant and at the same time, paradoxically, out of time.© marklar4201 / reddit

I was 16 years old, the whole family we were in Beijing, drove in my aunt’s car, and she put on the composition “Silly People” performed by Hi-Fi. I don’t know what they sing about there, but this song made a lasting impression – it is so adult and modern. I remember I was inspired by listening to her.© onthefencer888 / reddit

I adore Zemfira. And no, I’m not a teenage girl. I even went to her concert in London. I think I was the only foreigner there.© master_and_mojito / reddit

I like Little Big. Their song “LollyBomb” became viral and gained international recognition. My favorite track is “Give Me Your Money”. © broncosandwrestling / reddit

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I love Russian classical music. Swan Lake was one of my favorite works, even when I was little. Sometimes I asked my dad to play it so that I could crawl – “swim” on the floor, depicting a swan. I like Cheburashka. He is cute. The cartoon itself is not very popular in Finland, but most people know at least the song Genes. Matryoshka dolls. Damn, I had an obsession to get the bottom to fit the top. I also like the language and the strange alphabet. I tried to learn it at school, but it didn’t work out very well. © Mainariini / quora

I went to Moscow to see Vasiliev and Osipova, who danced Don Quixote at the Bolshoi Theater. This is the first and only time I saw the orchestra stop and the crowd went crazy right during the performance. When Osipova finished her 32th fouet, something unimaginable began. The music died down and 5 minutes of applause followed. Then Osipova took her place and nodded. The music began to play again, and she made another 16 fouettes. Absolutely incredible emotions and experience. © SporadicPanic / reddit

I saw how Russian ballet performed Swan Lake. I confirm personally: this is simply amazing! © lil_elf / reddit

Hayley Bieber on a walk. Cyrillic inscriptions are very popular . Even the stars put on T-shirts and sweatshirts that read Dawn, Wolf of Sheim, and Let Me Love.

The best Russian cinema – “Stalker” 1979. This is gloomy Soviet fiction. Andrei Tarkovsky’s films are wise, with powerful storylines. I had to watch subtitles all the time when I was still a student; Despite this, his films never disappointed. © Lauren Aitken / quora

I love the cartoon “Three from Prostokvashino.” This is a Russian cartoon classic and my absolute favorite. © joltl111 / reddit

If I was asked to name only one film from Russia that a foreigner should watch, I would name the film “Brest Fortress”. A very emotional film that makes you think. There is no bias, the imposition of morality. Just the story of people who fought for their homeland. © Roxy Bredikhina / quora

I love all the films of Andrei Zvyagintsev. Some of us fell in love with the Russian language because we read Russian literature. Now this guy’s films are reminiscent of “Russian novels in motion”, for me it’s just wonderful. I watched them many times, and I was never bored. © Rigelmeister / reddit

I just love Masha and the Bear. This is such a fun cartoon, but with an educational component and morality. I love music from there. If you would have to evaluate, then this is definitely 10 out of 10. © Phalak / quora

My favorite is the great modern Russian film “Geographer drank the globe.” This is a great drama about a young teacher who moved to the Russian province. © Damian Green / quora

My favorite is the great modern Russian film “Geographer drank the globe.” This is a great drama about a young teacher who moved to the Russian province. © Damian Green / quora

I ate ice cream around the world, I even lived in the place where the center of production and innovation of this product was located, but when I tried ice cream in Russia, I realized that there is nothing better than their ice cream . Think about the most delicious vanilla ice cream you have ever tasted, and then imagine that its taste can be made even “richer”. Their ice cream is … it’s special in itself.© Greg Hunter / quora

My Israeli son-in-law really liked my pancakes. He asked to teach him how to cook them. Well, I showed how to knead the dough on pancakes. I was very surprised that this, it turns out, is not at all difficult to do by ourselves. As a result, I quickly learned and began to cook them often for myself and for my daughter. © ILana Spektor / facebook

When I was in 11th grade, a schoolgirl from Germany visited me. She tried our pickle, and then in Russian with a German accent, she spoke with enthusiasm how she ate the pickle. © Captain Jack Sparrow / AdMe

“I tried making chebureks – a delicious dish with lots of onions. To preserve the Russian spirit, he fried them in vegetable oil and, of course, added mayonnaise. I also tried to make a hodgepodge. Presented to the family, and they suddenly fell in love with it. “

One French waiter who was familiar with Russian cuisine once told me: “Give me boiled potatoes with Russian sauerkraut, herring and a slice of black bread, and I will be the happiest person.” You will not find such food in a restaurant, more likely to treat yourself like that – in a Russian house. By the way, Russian pickles may seem strange, because they are more acidic and less sweet than their European “colleagues.” © Kate Stoneman / quora

A Russian bath is … oh! How can I describe it? This is relaxation after a hard day. It is a fever. This is bliss. Some people even believe that the word comes from the Latin balneum – “something that eliminates pain and sadness.” It really is! © Peter Flangas / quora

When I arrived in Moscow, the metro stations became the biggest surprise – without exaggeration, this is a wonder of the world! Therefore, I decided that it was worth seeing as many of them as possible, and spent a huge amount of time just riding from station to station. They are all different – so you can spend several days just exploring them. © Mark Williams / quora

Russian hats can be cute too from r/aww

I am a Scotsman. I like Russian literature: Gogol, Chekhov, Turgenev, Gorky. I respect Russian painting, especially artists of the 19th century who are absolutely underestimated. © michaelnoir / reddit

I have so many favorite Russian books! From the novel by Pushkin in the poems “Eugene Onegin” to the works of Solzhenitsyn. There is a favorite – Tolstoy, whose “Anna Karenina” is in the list of favorite books. I recently re-read it and realized that Tolstoy looks into the souls of his heroes, so the reader feels their suffering. © Barbara Galik / quora

Do you have foreign friends? What makes a special impression on them in our culture?

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