25 People Whose Unique Appearance That Made Them Famous

It is difficult to realize that in a world where almost any knowledge is available, your own body is most capable of surprising you. An unusual X-ray at the dentist’s office and even the size and shape of a finger can be so different.


We ourselves did not expect that the human body is capable of such surprises. But it won’t hurt anyone to broaden their horizons and learn something new, so we share the stories and photos of users with you.

Went to the dentist today, I already have all my adult teeth but turns out I have a bonus tooth.

I have a rare disorder called Cleidocranial Dysotosis. Got my first dental X-ray today and I have a lot of extra teeth.

I got a splinter on my finger from scratching my beard.


“All fingers are red from the cold, except for the little finger.”

And someone’s all fingers turn white at once

My eyes when they’re supposed to dilate


A rock working its way out of my hand after a bicycle accident over 25 years ago.

Chronic exertional compartment syndrome gave me several muscle hernias in my arms. Caused by too much rock climbing.

My buddy’s off-centered pupil

I get a pointy finger if I draw for too long

“There is a long hair on my husband’s eyebrow.”


“My girlfriend’s right eyebrow is turning gray”

“On the left is my little finger, and on the right is my wife’s thumb.”

“Circles around the pupil in my eyes”


“I have several white eyelashes.”

“After 6 weeks in a cast, the wrinkles disappeared from my right thumb.”

My pinky has an extra crease in it

I have partial heterochromia in both eyes

Had to wear a split on my broken finger for so long that the bend line at the joint disappeared

cassanova5 / Reddit

“At the age of 25, she stopped hiding her peculiarity. And now people say, ‘Wow, it looks cool!’

This is how we introduced Elsa from Frozen

Do you have unusual features in your appearance? Or maybe acquaintances told how their own body could surprise them? Tell us about your observations and show photos, if any!

Photo by tiajonsson / instagram

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