9 Reasons Why some Women in 40 years Look Like Girls and others Look Like Grandmothers

Just a hundred years ago, 40-year-old women were considered almost grandmothers and written off. They were only waiting for a darn stocking, housework and gatherings with “colleagues in misfortune.” But today, at this age, a second youth is coming, and how unfair that some ladies preserve their natural beauty, while others have to put in a lot of effort to look fresh.

Happy Worthy Life decided to find out why some people age faster than others. And also learn how to deceive nature and keep youth and activity.

1. Hormonal changes in the body affect every woman, but some manage to deceive nature

9 Reasons Why some Women in 40 years look like Girls and others look like Grandmothers

The main female hormone, estrogen, is produced in a much smaller amount with age. And that, among other things, is responsible for the elasticity and thickness of the skin. How exactly you will age and lose estrogen depends on many factors: from heredity to diet. But something can still be done.

Add phytoestrogens to your diet: soy cheese tofu, flaxseed, broccoli. And do not give up meat – doctors say that animal products help to slightly prolong youth.

2. Genes of old age exist, but you can make them work for yourself

Scientists have counted three hundred genes that are responsible for how quickly wrinkles appear on your face and hair turns gray. For example, redheads have a mutation that makes them look 2 years older than their peers. And in the 2000s, researchers learned to turn off some genes and prolong the life of laboratory mice. And although the creation of the elixir of youth is still a long way off, you yourself can slow down the aging process.

  • If you cut the calorie content of food, while maintaining the amount of necessary vitamins and minerals, then life expectancy will increase.
  • Even the most beautiful genes are powerless against an unhealthy lifestyle. Alcohol, tobacco, exposure to the sun and the poor environment will quickly turn anyone into a shriveled apple.
  • Youth is directly related to good immunity. If you adhere to the principles of healthy lifestyle, do not get nervous and sleep well, then the genes responsible for premature aging may not turn on at all.

3. Woman 40+ can be recognized by hairstyle

  • Rare and thin hair. People with such hair are perceived as not very healthy. A visit to a trichologist and endocrinologist can help here.
  • “Concreted” styling. Rigid styling with varnish will “throw” a few more years.
  • Platinum Blonde. According to stylists, this color is very old. True, rushing to the other extreme is also not worth it – too dark hair color will emphasize all the wrinkles on the face.
  • Hair and style need to be changed sometimes. Whether we like it or not, but with age, our face undergoes metamorphoses, and the haircut should change with it.

4. Excess fat triggers aging

Extra pounds not only make you look older, they bring old age at the speed of a car. Overweight people look (and feel) an average of 8.8 years older than slender comrades.

Due to excess weight, collagen production is impaired: stretch marks, wrinkles appear and in general the skin loses youthful elasticity. But we have some good news: starting at age 55, overweight people begin to look younger because fat deposits hide wrinkles. True, this is still bad for health: joints, blood vessels and the heart wear out faster.

  • Lose weight at any age you need under the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist. Because abrupt and unhealthy weight loss can do as much harm as extra pounds.

5. How you grow old depends on where you were born.

9 Reasons Why some Women in 40 years look like Girls and others look like Grandmothers

Representatives of certain races look younger than their age. Genetics believe that the most fortunate thing is for Latin Americans: Mexicans, Spaniards, Haitians look 2 years younger than representatives of other nations of the same age.

Scientists say signs of aging like wrinkles and age spots are less visible on darker and thicker skin. In addition, people with Asian, African and Latin American roots have thicker skin, which is why the face does not float down.

The deformation type of facial aging is also called Slavic: women from Eastern Europe are prone to swelling of the tissues. They have few wrinkles, but the lower third of the face sags (flew, second chin).

  • That is why plastic surgeons and cosmetologists choose the type of intervention depending on the skin: women with a deformation type of aging are almost always recommended a circular lift, and Botox will not save them.

6. Women aged 40+ often go to extremes when it comes to clothing

9 Reasons Why some Women in 40 years look like Girls and others look like Grandmothers

Stylists strongly recommend throwing old clothes out of the closet and changing the style of clothing depending on age. Bold tight-fitting dresses that sat like a glove 20 years ago will create a comic look today and show that a woman clings to the leaving youth with all her might. However, fashion has long been not divided into youth and middle-aged, everything is very individual. The main thing is not to forget a few rules:

  • Do not dress in all black. In the old fashioned way, it is believed that black is slim, but an outfit in this color only adds years.
  • Hoodies do not dye anyone. In theory, loose clothing should hide the excess. But in reality, it hides not only shortcomings, but also advantages, which we are sure you have in full.

7. Thin and rare eyebrows turn any beauty into a grandmother

Over time, the eyebrows become less dense: hormonal changes and unsuccessful experiments with tweezers affect. This part of the face greatly affects the perception of age: the paler and thinner the eyebrows, the older the woman seems. But beauticians figured out how to fix the situation:

  • Serum and gel for eyebrow growth work, however, the result will have to wait.
  • Too brightly drawn eyebrows do not rejuvenate, but, on the contrary, give a tired look.
  • Eyebrows in the form of a comma or a thin thread do not color any woman in the world.

8. Makeup helps fool others (but only if you’re over 35)

Psychologists have long established: makeup makes women more attractive and even contributes to success in the workplace. But how it affects the perception of age, it was not clear. A recent study showed that lipstick, mascara and foundation have the same magical properties of a time machine:

  • At 20 years old, bright makeup makes us look older than his age.
  • At 30–35 years old, what is painted on, what isn’t – others can easily guess how old you are.
  • And after 35–40 and ad infinitum, cosmetics give a powerful anti-aging effect.
  • The main thing is to remember the basic principles of anti-age makeup: moisturizing serum for foundation and the wise use of dry powder, which can clog in wrinkles.

9. Some figures of speech make you an ever muttering old woman

Thanks to the development of cosmetology and Photoshop, today it is difficult to determine the real age of a person. However, there is an external old age, but there is an internal one. You can be decrepit already at the age of 20, and recognizing an inner old man is easy: you need to listen to a person’s speech. Here are a few phrases that add you age:

  • “In my time, prices were lower / skirts were longer,” etc.
  • “The 90s were only 10 years ago.”
  • “The current generation is completely rude.”
  • “This is not music, but some kind of cacophony.”

Some people are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of youth: they do plastic surgery, literally live in the gym, dry themselves with diets and use dietary supplements. And what are you personally prepared for? Or maybe you are philosophical about your age and are not upset because of the discovered gray hair or wrinkles?

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