9 Secrets of Happiness Used by Residents of Different countries. These Tricks Not Interfere With Us

“Man is created for happiness, like a bird for flight” – it is difficult to argue with this catchphrase . But our life is now and then overshadowed by minor or not very troubles: rush jobs, misunderstandings with loved ones, “bad” children at school, etc.


We at Happy Worthy Life are decisively fighting bad moods. Therefore, we spied on what the residents of different countries are guided by in such cases.

1. Italian women

The secret of Italian women’s happiness is dolce far niente, or “the sweetness of doing nothing”. An appetizing pizza, a good drink in glass, contemplation of nature without trying to capture its beauty on your phone and post it on Instagram – this is the philosophy of enjoying idleness. But this is not the only thing: it is important to do what you love, and not according to the principle “faster, higher, stronger.”

Everything needs to be done with feeling, with sense, with an arrangement – so that you don’t work too much. “The sweetness of doing nothing” is about the absence of an endless competitive race with oneself and others, the game of “achievement” and attempts to prove something to others. After all, it is much more pleasant to just look out the window or listen to your favorite song than to check your mail or grab a minute to wipe off the dust that has fallen inappropriately.

  • How to be happy in Italian? Allow yourself to be a little lazy, eat something tasty (albeit harmful), put aside even important things for a while.

2. Chinese women

There are several words in Chinese for the state of happiness. Kaoxing is happiness that is global and understandable to every person on earth. For example, a new car, a prestigious job, or your own apartment. Most often, such happiness is a reflection of the material well-being of a Chinese woman. But there is something more important – kaisin. Literally it translates as “open heart”.


Kaisin is that immaterial that gives a woman joy at a particular moment, that which cannot be taken away. For example, kaisin is sorting out your favorite beads, feeding ducks in the park, or fooling around a little. This feeling helps to keep yourself in good shape and be open to the world. The Chinese are characterized by collectivism, therefore, it is customary to share Chinese happiness with friends or relatives.

  • How to be happy in Chinese? Feel the joy of the simplest things: a cup of delicious tea or a trivial short conversation.

3. German women

But German women have a different idea of happiness – fernweh. This word hides a longing for a place you have never been. Simply put, wanderlust. Do you dream to bask on the golden sand or go around all the historic buildings of distant capitals, sitting in your office? “Soul at sea, booty on a chair” – your motto? In a sense, we are all a bit German, but it is important sometimes to follow your wishes and open up new horizons.

  • How to be happy in German? Dream about new travels and start planning one of them.

4. Costa Rican women

Pura vida – in Costa Rica, this expression is as common as “How are you?” It translates to “pure life” or “simple life” and it is more than just words. Costa Rican women know how to maintain good nature and gaiety, even in not the happiest moments.

Local ladies know how to relax and take their time – why not enjoy the spectacular sunset instead of forcing yourself to do 100 things in one evening? They also value family highly. By the way, there is no army in the state , and funding goes to peaceful needs – perhaps this is a reflection of pura vida.

  • How to be happy Costa Rican? Wandering around the picturesque corner of the city without thinking about anything.


5. Canadian

The French phrase Joie de vivre (or “joy of life”) was made by the Canadian (or rather, the inhabitant of Quebec – this province is considered the happiest in the country) as their motto. In their understanding, this is the ability to enjoy life, despite all sorts of obstacles, be it a week’s snowfall, traffic jams or troubles at work.

Failure for a Canadian is not a reason to lock herself in an apartment and be sad alone. She will try to learn from this a positive experience and somehow distract herself: go to nature, attend a music festival or a hockey game, visit family, or simply get together with friends in a restaurant to have fun chatting about anything. Canadians know how to see the positive in  everything : in food, in the weather, in their friends.

  • How to be happy Canadian? Go to a cafe, to a sports event, to a club, or to a picnic with friends.

6. Indonesian

Balinese women use the concept of “three hits of karana” or “three sources of good”. The island of Bali is considered by many to be paradise, and the idea of ​​harmony among its inhabitants consists of three aspects. So, in their understanding, happy will be the one that is in harmony with the higher forces, nature and the people around. Collectivism is no less important: it is through communication that harmony with others is maintained.

  • How to be happy in Indonesian? Prepare something delicious with your friends outdoors.

7. Bulgarians

The Bulgarian philosophy of a happy life is called aylak, or idleness. And the first Bulgarian postulate of happiness is not to rush. The origins of this style of life takes in Plovdiv. So, its inhabitants are in no hurry, allow themselves to look around, enjoy breath of the wind, reading under the gentle rays of the sun and delicious food.

Bulgarian women do not practice aylyak from time to time, for them it is the principle of life. It is the ability to enjoy the moment that lasts all the time. And sometimes it is useful to put work aside. By the way, the only aspect where Bulgarians and Bulgarians are impatient is driving, in everything else – calmness and ease.

  • How to be happy in Bulgarian? Wander around the city, seeing buildings and oncoming people.

8. Norwegians

The Norwegian idea of happiness is friluftsliv, or outdoor living. Norwegians adore nature, treat it with great attention and do not miss opportunity to join it. By the way, weather doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to properly warm up, choose a suitable suit, then activities in nature will not bring disappointment, but happiness and vitality.

Walking in snow, rain or chilly weather is common for Norwegian women. It is not at all necessary to go to distant lands; to feel joy, it is enough to explore the surrounding trails, visit well-known places.

  • How to be happy the Norwegian way? Go out of town or to the park even on a rainy day. The main thing is to dress warmly and according to the weather.

9. African women

Hakuna Matata is not only the most recognizable song from the Lion King cartoon, but also the philosophy of life of the inhabitants of East Africa. This is nothing more than “life without problems”, a kind of Don’t worry, be happy in the African style.

The logic of African women is this: if the situation cannot be changed, there is no need to get upset, because this way you can lose all productivity and become discouraged. Instead, try saying to yourself, “Hakuna matata!” – you will see, the stress will subside at least a little. This means that the solution to the problem can be found much easier.

  • How to be happy in an African way? Smile in the mirror if something unpleasant happens.

How would you describe your own philosophy of happiness? Which one of our list is closest to you and why?

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