A Model with Down Syndrome has Proven That Only You Decide What Beauty is.

If there is someone who knows what it is like to dream and reach great heights, then this is Chelsea Werner . She is an example that one should not judge a person by appearance and that following a dream will certainly be rewarded. Refuting the preconceived notions of Down syndrome, the girl became not only a world-famous model, but also a four-time Olympic champion.


We at Happy Worthy Life so happy to share the story of Chelsea with you.

It all started with the fact that she became a gymnast in spite of everything

Chelsea was born in  Danville , California. Because of her illness, the girl was able to learn to walk only when she was almost 2 years old. Nevertheless, her parents supported her, familiarizing herself with various sports, and as a result, the positive spirit of gymnastics competitions inspired her to take up this direction.

Chelsea began her athletic career at age 8 , despite medical warnings that she would always have low muscle tone.

She quickly became a world champion


“I am a very positive person and do not look at my illness as a limitation. I am very persistent and work hard. The way my parents raised me formed a positive attitude in me, ”the girl says . Loyalty has allowed Chelsea to become a famous athlete. She won the US National Paralympics 4 times and by the age of 27 she could proudly be called a two  time world champion.

But she also discovered the world of fashion.


Then the girl got a new interest – the fashion industry. While her sports career was developing, her characteristic persistence and determination allowed Chelsea to knock on the doors of numerous modeling agencies. After receiving a number of refusals , she began to publish photos on the Internet, and then one of the agencies offered her a contract.

In this interview, the girl said that “she had just discovered herself as a model”, and her mother noted that “this happened thanks to the gymnastics and We Speak Model Management agency”.

She is making a positive difference in the fashion world.


We Speak is a New York based agency that strives for positive changes in fashion advertising, show how importance of a positive attitude, healthy lifestyle and unique features. And Chelsea is a great example. It shows that being unique does not mean being perfect. Now, having gained fame and success, this girl brings more variety to the fashion industry.

She is not just a model in front of the camera


The thousands of likes and comments that Chelsea receives on  social media prove that the time has come for positive changes in the fashion industry. In this interview, she was asked what it would be like to follow. The girl replied: “I really like it! I often hear such a response from the parents of young children. If I can give someone hope, it makes me happy and makes me proud of myself! ”

Chelsea has already conquered the sports and fashion industry and is not going to stop. And the best part is that she just does what she loves.

What do you think of this story? Do you think that personal characteristics are more important than ideality?

Photo by showtimewerner / instagram ,Adme

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