The Most Things Smart People Never Do

The Most Things Smart People Never Do . We are admired by people who manage to maintain calm, peace of mind and self-control in all situations. We call it wisdom and hope to someday become the same. It turns out that a lot depends on the ability to avoid certain patterns of behavior that prevent us from being happy and moving forward.

9 Things Smart People Never Do
9 Things Smart People Never Do

1. They do not allow you to spoil your mood

If your self-esteem and mood depend on how you look on the background of others, this means that your happiness does not belong to you. When smart people rejoice in their successes , they do not allow the opinions and merits of others to overshadow this joy.

No matter what others think or do. This should not affect your opinion of yourself. Whatever point of view surrounding you currently adheres to, it is always subjective and does not reflect the real state of things.

2. They do not forget

Emotionally literate people easily forgive insults, but this does not mean that they forget about them. Forgiveness means letting go of an unpleasant situation and moving on. But it does not mean that the offender is given a second chance.

Smart people do not feel like getting caught up in the consequences of other people’s mistakes, so they first forgive and then take enhanced measures to protect themselves from similar situations in the future.

3. They know what they are

Smart people know how important it is to take care of yourself, because tomorrow there will be a new day and a new battle. In a conflict situation, we often lose control over emotions and headlong rush into a fight in which we are obviously doomed to defeat. Anyone who knows how to understand their emotions and manage them is able to appreciate when you need to insist on what and what battles it is worth getting involved in.

4. They do not pursue the ideal

Emotionally mature people do not prioritize an unattainable ideal, because they know that it does not exist. Striving for absolute perfection, you will always experience disappointment. As a result, you will torment yourself by not being able to achieve what you want, and reflect on the topic of what you did wrong. Smart people instead rejoice at what they have achieved.

5. They do not live in the past

As a rule, defeat is the result of risk and attempts to achieve something difficult to achieve. Smart people know that success largely depends on the ability to lose and move on. However, this is hardly possible if you continue to cling to old mistakes. When you live in the past, it becomes your present and robs you of the future.

6. They do not focus on problems.

Your emotional state directly depends on what you think. When you focus entirely on current issues, you go headlong into negative emotions and a stressful state. Smart and emotionally literate people know that you need to think not about the problems themselves, but about how to solve them.

7. They do not communicate with whiners

Lovers of whining and complaining endlessly relish their problems. To feel better, they need compassionate listeners who will pity them. It’s better to stay away from such people, otherwise they will drown you in their negativity.

A good way to stop the whining flow is to ask how the person is going to cope with their problems. The whiner will either be silent, because he is not going to solve them, or he will finally try to reason constructively.

8. They do not hold evil

The negative emotions that we experience when we are angry are a reaction to stress. When an imminent threat approaches us, such behavior is necessary for survival. But when everything is behind us, the hidden insult only harms us. Over time, this may even affect health. To keep evil means to be in a state of constant stress, and smart people try by all means to avoid this.

9. They do not agree on what they really do not want.

It’s very difficult for many of us to give the word “no.” Meanwhile, it is a very powerful tool that you need to safely use. Refusing to take on new obligations, you give yourself the opportunity to fulfill existing ones.

Of course, this list is not intended to be exhaustive. But if you manage to learn to avoid at least these destructive patterns of behavior, you will do a great service to yourself.

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