19 Places Only Strong Person Can Live In

We all want our home to be a cozy nest. But only a few are lucky, and the rest have not at all: either a family of lions will descend front porch, or a neighbor’s drill will make a hole in the living room. It takes nerves like ropes to survive this. These are characters of today’s article.

We publishes photos of people who know how to keep their composure no matter what. And at the end, we left a bonus for the readers.

1. “When we arrived at my father’s house, we found that someone had already moved in.”

2. When you live in a house for two owners and hate neighbors

3. “I need to leave urgently, but yesterday there was a light breeze.”

4. “The neighbors decided to drill holes for the shelves.”

5. “Every morning a ‘man in the window’ appears and scares the shit out of me. But it’s just the neighbors ‘ chimney “

6. “I hope you didn’t like your patio furniture.”


7. ” A dead/rotten tree that wasn’t on my property snapped in half and fell on my house today. How was your day? “

8. “The neighbor loves to play golf “

9. “The neighbors had a party yesterday. This is my trampoline “

10. “The result of sub-zero temps at the local car wash.”

11. “A beautiful view opens from the window”

12. “I am getting charged an extra $22 a month on my utility bill because the city has put a random sewer grate in the middle of my lawn.”

13. “A neighbor is channeling water from their yard and roof under my fence, causing my yard to flood.”

19 Places Only Strong Person Can Live In
knock_blocks / Reddit

14. “A snake lives in my toilet”

15. “My uncle’s car this morning”

16. “I live in the north of Norway, and this is my car”

17. “We were not at home, and when we returned, we saw a surprise: 4 holes in the living room, through which you can see the neighbors’renovation”

19 Places Only Strong Person Can Live In

18. “ That’s how cold it is in my stairwell. As a Texan, I’m definitely not ready for this. “

19 Places Only Strong Person Can Live In
ThomasBlackGG / Twitter

19. “Very generous neighbors! We didn’t ask them, but they shared the snow ”

19 Places Only Strong Person Can Live In

Bonus: “I don’t think words are needed here”

What annoys you in the place where you live?

Photo by DudeGamerDario / Reddit

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