8 Reasons Why I no Longer Believe That All Successful Women are Required to Drive a Car

A woman driving is a long-standing phenomenon. But many still believe in stereotypes. The main ones can be called 2: either the blonde drives the car, which confuses gas and brake, or – a modern independent woman who is nowhere without a steering wheel. And thousands of girls go to driving schools. Someone wants to prove to themselves that “I can”, someone cherishes the dream of freedom from public transport. Once I was among these girls.

I got rights 3 years ago, I immediately bought a car and I want to tell readers of Happy Worthy Life why I can still count on the fingers my trips behind the wheel. I even have my own rating of problems that I never expected to encounter.

I so dreamed of driving a car that I received rights secretly from those who did not believe in me

8 Reasons Why I no Longer Believe That All Successful Women are Required to Drive a Car
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Driving ability seemed to me a very useful skill. I made dozens of arguments in favor of buying a car and did not doubt for a minute my own talents. I needed a car: I don’t have to spend money on a taxi, I can drive out of town whenever I want, and everyone who considered me a technically stupid creature will take their words back. With these thoughts, I once stepped onto the porch of a driving school. I was so confident in myself that I didn’t even admit to anyone that I was going to study: half of my friends claimed that it was a waste of time. In my dreams, I proudly showed them a driver’s license.

The training was easy enough for me: I learned the theory between things, I didn’t confuse the pedals, and a reliable instructor sat next to me when traveling. But then came the hour of the exam, which I flunked safely.

8 Reasons Why I no Longer Believe That All Successful Women are Required to Drive a Car
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I went for retake six months later. A snowstorm blew, the road iced up, and I crept at a speed of 30 km / h. Slightly dragging along the winter streets, she parked in a snowdrift in relief. They handed me a document asking them to sign what I had handed over. A month later, I bought a car. And I realized that I had never driven alone.

The first trip turned out to be what life did not prepare for me

8 Reasons Why I no Longer Believe That All Successful Women are Required to Drive a Car
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I remember my first trip now: she completely killed in me all the confidence nurtured by a driving school. To say that it was scary was to soften the situation greatly. For the first time I really realized that all responsibility is on me. Before starting off, I sat silently at the wheel for forty minutes. While riding, my knees were shaking. All drivers did not behave according to the rules. I wanted to yell at them: seriously, guys, well, I passed the exam, it wasn’t there! I also did not know where and how to refuel. And when I was in place, I realized that I forgot to turn on the headlights. And that I have nowhere to park.

The car made me afraid, lie and spend

8 Reasons Why I no Longer Believe That All Successful Women are Required to Drive a Car
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For those few trips that I still mastered, I had my own top problems. Some of them covered me immediately, while others came to understand later.

  • The honorary leader of my rating is parking. I think many will share this pain with me. When I was taking a taxi, the driver kindly drove me to the entrance and left for my business. By car I had to park where there is a place (but it is not). Sometimes I put off or canceled the trip, realizing that I simply would have nowhere to park the car. Instead of freedom, I got a restriction.
  • The second place is occupied by issues related to car maintenance. The car did not save my time, she took it! Mind, I had previously understood that the car must be washed, insured, cleaned from snow, but I could not even imagine that it takes so much time.
  • The third was the point of imperfection of technical knowledge. I personally know a girl who is able to deal with everything under the hood. But she herself is simply not such a person. I can hardly physically change the wheel. And not one of my friends can.
  • I planned long trips behind the wheel, but was afraid of technical problems. What will I do 200 km from the house on the night highway if something breaks? Unless I hide in a ditch from maniacs and ghosts. The car did not expand my capabilities.
  • Buying a car and getting rights made me a man who must always explain himself to others. “Why not by car?” Is a question that I heard daily. I did not want to admit fear and listen to the next tips on how to overcome it. I was looking for excuses: my head hurts, they locked me in the parking lot, I have plans for the evening. Sometimes I was so insistently demanded to come by car, that it was easier to call a “sober driver” and change it at the wheel of a house neighboring to the destination. I understand that a stupid reason, but there was a thing.

8 Reasons Why I no Longer Believe That All Successful Women are Required to Drive a Car
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  • Traffic jams are a problem for every major city. I stood in them before, but when you go as a passenger, you have time to redo small things. If you are driving, traffic jam is the killing of your time. And there’s nothing you can do about it.
  • The behavior of other drivers. Some companions at the wheel have a dangerous game: if they see that the driver is feeling insecure, they begin to brake in front of him, overtake sharply – “punish” for allegedly interfering with them on the road. And if a girl is driving, then she will also be swindled. Each taxi driver strives to tell you a couple of affectionate words from the height of his experience.
  • In the end, I’m just scared. Everything is fine with skills, but when you drive yourself, you understand that talking about danger is not an extra word. It turned out, for example, that I have a monstrous eye. In everyday life, this did not interfere, but every time I got behind the wheel, I thought that now a neighboring car would bite me off the mirror. Or am I her. Before her, it was a meter and a half minimum.
  • I was convinced from my own experience: driving a car is more expensive than a taxi. Own car requires investments constantly: gasoline, insurance, washing – all this adds up to a decent amount. And I deceived myself to the last that I would ride. I even changed the tires for the winter, so that in the spring I could change it to the summer, and never sat behind the wheel during the whole season. Wasted money thrown away.

You can catch a dream without a car

8 Reasons Why I no Longer Believe That All Successful Women are Required to Drive a Car
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For 3 years now I have rights and a car. Yes, I never parted with the car, although the last time I ventured to drive 4 months ago to get to the cottage. My previous trip was in June.

What am I thinking about stereotypes now? A girl can learn how to drive a car. For example, I have not stalled even once. Should a strong independent girl herself be behind the wheel? Absolutely not necessary. She might have a ton of more important things to do than wrap circles around the office in search of parking.

Am I disappointed in a dream? Not. I just realized that something that I liked so much at a distance might turn out to be completely different near. You just have to be able to admit it to yourself. Personally, I have already embarked on the path of reconciliation with the thought that the car is still not mine, and I am preparing to sell it.

Do you drive a car? Remember your first trip?

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