25+ Stupid Things We Do in Vain Considering Them Useful

There are many things that we use daily to maintain our health or appearance. Meanwhile, many of them are not at all as harmless as they seem, and even truly dangerous to the body.

We at Happy Worthy Life have found a lot of controversy on the Internet in which people open their eyes to each other for things that have been considered useful for many years. We hope this will also be a revelation for you.

  • Activated charcoal. It’s amazing if you’ve been poisoned but it absorbs good nutrients and medications as well. Im getting so sick of seeing it in everything. © Morrigan_7 / Reddit
  • Buying salmon in the store. Salmon are bred for sale in terrible conditions: fish are fed low-grade food and kept in confined spaces. Because of this, it is literally stuffed with omega-6 fatty acids, which, unlike the healthy omega-3 acids, increase inflammation and worsen cardiovascular diseases. © Dang Chau / Quora
  • There is an iceberg salad. It is added to almost every salad or sandwich. In fact, buying it, you just pay for the air. It has a little water, but no more than other greens, a little fiber (about 0 g per serving) and a very small amount of vitamins and minerals. Better buy spinach. © Austin Schopper / Quora
  • Eat muesli fitness bars. I ate them every day until I found out that their nutritional value is the same as that of Snickers. © EnterPlayerTwo / Reddit
  • In general, the whole joke in the cunning advertisement of such products: they show us healthy and fit people and create a false idea about the usefulness of the product. © knoxfire / Reddit
  • Take popcorn for a movie show. I used to think there was nothing wrong with that. But in fact, the alluring smell of popcorn is due to the chemical substance diacetyl, a synthetic oil flavor. When heated to high temperatures, diacetyl evaporates and becomes toxic. © Krishna Singh / Quora
  • Make mashed potatoes with a blender, not a special pusher. This is an easy way to get a homogeneous, but sticky and tasteless mass.
  • Store milk on the refrigerator door. This leads to a reduction in shelf life, because by periodically looking in the refrigerator, we create a temperature drop on the door, which, by the way, is already higher there than in the entire refrigerator.
  • The top 5 foods that I kept in the refrigerator for some reason, although you absolutely must not do this: tomatoes, basil, garlic, unripe avocado and ketchup. The cold either makes them tasteless or shortens their lifespan. By the way, it’s better to keep the bread not in the refrigerator, as some do, but in the freezer: it does not dry out or stale.
  • Every summer, along with the season of summer cottages, the season “I am losing weight on fruits and vegetables” begins. Fruits and vegetables are very poor in proteins, so on such a diet, along with fat mass, muscle mass will also go away, which will lead to a loss in bone mineral density. And this is fraught with osteoporosis, increased cholesterol and blood pressure and metabolic disorders. © TUT.BY / YouTube
  • There is an opinion that in order to lose weight, you need to eat often and fractionally, always 6 times a day every 2-3 hours. Most importantly, this is the total calorie intake, and not the multiplicity of food intake. In fact, traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner in this sense is no worse. © TUT.BY / YouTube
  • Adhere to some kind of diet, but use only those foods that you like. For example, I have a friend who eats bacon, sausages every day and drinks them with whipped cream, because this is allowed by the keto diet she sits on. © SpoilerWarningSW / Reddit
  • Use tar soap in the fight against acne and oily skin. The first month of use, it really works, but then the overdried sebaceous glands begin to produce even more sebum and the situation is exacerbated. © TUT.BY / YouTube
  • Apply organic cosmetics. Essentially, chemicals that are healthy and skin-friendly are replaced with irritating ingredients. It can be essential oils and components that will only worsen the picture. Of course, these things work for someone. But it’s foolish to claim, right and left, that chemicals are harmful to the body. Do not forget that we actually also consist of chemistry and not all chemicals are harmful to us. © ValenceEntropy / Reddit
  • Apply eye patches while flying in an airplane. The air in the cabin is so dry that instead of nourishing the skin, patches, on the contrary, will draw moisture out of it.
25+ Stupid Things We Do in Vain Considering Them Useful
  • Devote his whole life to work, without having any outlet. I work in the office, and I’m really sad when my colleagues boast that they work 10-12 hours a day. Firstly, companies do not care about us, so why kill so much time? Secondly, we are not saving lives here, so only the bosses are good from our processing. I’m not one of those people who want to curry favor with the boss and gain a better location, so I work out my 8 hours and dump. © Glowwerms / Reddit
  • Suppress emotions. It’s like with gases – sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable place and time to release them, but if you do not fart at all, then you will burst. © snapwillow / Reddit
  • Having a baby to keep relationships. © Derpydowns / Reddit
  • Try to cure a family member or friend from a mental illness on their own. This usually happens at the expense of your own life. You can push your loved ones to move in the right direction or advise them to a good doctor, but then only a specialist can make the disease manageable. Still, it is not in vain that people receive higher education in this area. © epicman1997 / Reddit
  • To shake water out of your ear, it’s useless:
  • plug your nose with your hand and blow hard into it (the water in your ear doesn’t care how much you bend the eardrum);
  • plug the ear with your finger and press inward (the reason is the same).
    As an experienced swimmer, I strongly advise one impossibly simple and almost 100% reliable way: when you get home, kneel down in front of the bed and bang your head on it several times (five times with your right ear and the same amount with your left). Yes, it sounds strange, it looks even more strange and funny, but it definitely works. © FoMM / Pikabu
25+ Stupid Things We Do in Vain Considering Them Useful
  • Watch the news on TV. People watch them for 6 hours a day, thinking that they are better informed and always up to date, although in reality they are just being carried on stories that cause a feeling of fear / anger / indignation that make people turn on the news again and again. © sybrwookie / Reddit
  • Send birthday messages to your ex. © AAM1994 / Reddit
  • Stay married for children. © WellSomeV / Reddit
  • Protect your children from all sorts of horrors of the real world until they turn 18. Does it make sense to raise them naive sissies? Allow the children to fill their cones and watch movies with a 16+ restriction from time to time. © Jazzspasm / Reddit
  • Letting go of sarcastic jokes about your spouse, ironically laughing at how unhappy your marriage is. © pigadaki / Reddit
  • Forgiving relatives only because “they are relatives.” Sometimes people do terrible things, and you better live without them, and it doesn’t matter if they are relatives or not. © HLCullum / Reddit

Do you have examples of what everyone considers useful, but is it really not?

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