Test: Which woman in the image likes the man more

What will help to tell about a person if maximum information is needed? Of course, body language is a channel or conductor to human emotions and body movements.

The ability to read a person according to his habits is not given to every person, but, for sure, anyone can learn to recognize this, for example, a lie. And, perhaps, you will be interested in information about how the interlocutor or partner really refers to you.

Do not spare time for passing the test, so you can not only understand your own abilities, but also bring the liar to clean water.

A useful test for anyone who wants to test their knowledge of “Body Language”!

Today, specially for our guests and subscribers, we have prepared a test riddle, solving which you can determine your ability and desire to understand sign language.

In the vivid image, you can observe 3 women and 1 man who stand in certain poses, and most likely feel relaxed.

What is required of you?

Determine which woman attracts the man more than the rest!

All your attention will be required here, because the answer is directly in the details.

Allan Pease, who wrote the book “Body Language,” is sure that determining a woman’s sympathy for a man is not as difficult as it seems, and there are many ways, as well as obvious signs.

For example, being together, on such gestures as: dilated pupils and touching the body, we can immediately say about mutual sympathy. Another thing is if you are in the company, but also not one woman. But, in this case, you can determine the sympathy of a man.

If you carefully look at the picture, you will surely see in which direction the man’s socks are looking.

According to Allan’s psychological research, it can be concluded that a man who likes a woman will be turned torso in her direction. Or he will put his foot so that it becomes clear which way the socks of his shoes are pointing.

In this test, the girl at number 3 was most liked by the guy in the company.

This test will help you figure out who you liked when you are in the company, see you in the comments!

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Test: Which woman in the image likes the man more

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