20+ Stories from People Whose New Year Party was a Success

New Year’s corporate party is always a special atmosphere. They thoroughly prepare for it, they look forward to it, the informal atmosphere contributes to the fact that some colleagues decide to break away in full. Then they talk about what happened there all year, and office legends are written about the exploits of especially distinguished employees.

We at Happy Worthy Life know for sure that the holidays will end and our colleagues will stay, so we wish you fun parties at work, memories of which will be full of joy, not belated regrets.

  • I went to the first corporate party in this team. All with bangs dressed up and in suits walk culturally. I feverishly began to think how to merge with the terrain. Nothing smart came to mind, so I went to get lost among the dancers. Dancing in the hop is an idea so-so. I remember dancing hopak under The Offspring. I remember dancing rock and roll, frantically waving arms and legs, and around one bosses. I’m kind of in the middle of a circle, and they cheer me up by clapping. So the next morning I was not ashamed. I came to work on Monday, writing a letter of resignation. However, no one showed a finger or whispered. Later, the assistant assistant conveyed his words that I am the only one who knows how to have fun. © MadTillDead / pikabu
  • I flirt with a woman at an office party and try to find out her number, a colleague leans in and whispers: “Meet: boss’s wife”. © CutkoskyAnthony / twitter
  • I put on a bright Christmas sweater, red trousers in a cage and put on earrings with deers, came in, and at the party everyone was in work clothes – suits. To say that I have attracted attention is to say nothing. The dress code for the event was Christmas, it turned out they had in mind small details added to the usual outfit: red ties, snowman-shaped pins or snowflake-shaped decorations. I was the most “smart” and pretty amused everyone around. © goblinish / reddit
20+ Stories from People Whose New Year Party was a Success
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  • In my memory, the most trash was a corporate party with a kindergarten, a mental hospital and a ritual agency. The teachers drank to insanity, the funeral directors, too, and the most active of them took the microphone from the host to tell the ridiculous “black” jokes. The psychiatric hospital was represented by several men and a bunch of age-old women who immediately began busily destroying food. Well, the men were longing, looking at this, and intensely began to shoot their eyes in our direction (at that time I worked in the cadastral chamber) – we had the most prominent girls. According to tradition, everything ended in a fight between the skinny guard of the ritual agency Valera and two guards. Well, like a fight – he was just held by the hands of his legs and thrown into a snowdrift. © Taella / pikabu
  • Our boss was dancing on the table and decided to arrange a “drop in confidence”. No one caught him. © allnet / twitter
  • A few years ago I was at a New Year’s corporate party. And our team is predominantly female. There was a guest Santa Claus. He went to the middle of the hall, hit the staff on the floor and said: “Who wants to make a wish – take this staff.” Well, the girls flew in, crowded around. And then Santa Claus reports: “Whoever holds onto this staff, may become pregnant next year …” Girls are all scattered with screams, screeches. But the next year half-firms went on maternity leave all the same. More Santa Claus was not invited to corporate parties. © DELETED / pikabu
20+ Stories from People Whose New Year Party was a Success
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  • Alex got to us and completely paralyzed the work process. The team is mostly girlish, and the guy is prominent. By the New Year holiday, the local project “Voice” was announced, where it was necessary to send a video of their singing. Alexey sent too, a little embarrassed by the admiring squeaks of new fans. There was no reason to be embarrassed. I didn’t get into the notes and rhythm, the only joy was the torso swaying in a tight shirt and blue eyes. They voted for it, and so actively that Alexey received the main prize – a performance at the New Year’s corporate party for the most important bosses. With a professional soundman, corps de ballet and in a luxurious hall. And then Alexey disappeared. When he came to pick up his office mug, he was asked what caused such a sharp departure. “It’s simple,” he said, lazily smiling at the fans. – They noticed me at the corporate party, I’ll go to show business. I’ve dreamed all my life. ” Since then, the girls sighed quietly, and the speed of work even increased. © MadTillDead / pikabu
  • A staff member ordered a hotel conference room. When we arrived at the corporate party, someone’s party was already held there, because the hotel decided to play it safe: suddenly one company did not appear. So, 300 people are trying to divide the space, designed for a maximum of 200. Not enough chairs and tables. Began to bring food – dishes heated in the microwave, burning hot outside and frozen inside. Had to order pizza. The next year, the company booked the same place, because after all that was, they made a huge discount and promised that this time it would be better. Did not have. © Shas_Erra / reddit
  • What we were promised: we will leave work early, go to a 5-star restaurant, kindly paid by the chef, and share the gifts that the customers gave us. What we got: we were forced to work overtime, the boss bought us a package of stale donuts, and we had a “party” in the office, where we were forced to watch music videos for 3 hours. Oh yes, the boss took all the gifts home. © coturnixxx / reddit
  • My colleague broke out and said that he did not care that he had recently married. “Hurray!” We shouted back, urging him. Encouraged, he cried out that for the rest of his life he refused to be confined to one woman. And then he took off his wedding ring and threw it over his shoulder in a crowded cafe. He spent the rest of the evening on all fours, looking for him. © Shawn Smith / quora

20+ Stories from People Whose New Year Party was a Success
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  • One time on New Year’s Eve in our office on the holiday was the following. In front of everyone, they put a charming girl on the table and sprinkle with sweets, olives. After that, 3 men are called to participate in the competition. Those interested were found quickly. They are asked to blindfold and without the help of hands to collect all the sweets from the girl. The men are in a wild delight and with a noise they retire outside the door, where they are blindfolded. And at this very moment the girl is removed from the table and a hairy bearded man is put in her place, respectively, sprinkled with sweets. The competition took place, but what happened then … © umorist / pikabu
  • New Year’s corporate party – 2014: spilled a cocktail on a dollar millionaire. New Year’s corporate party – 2019: shed a cocktail on the dollar billionaire. In principle, this is all my career growth over 5 years. © Alexey Sekachev / twitter
  • The Christmas party began with the traditional: “Thank you, we broke all the records.” Nevertheless, everything except the first cocktail at this corporate party was at the expense of employees. While I was waiting for the waiter, the wife of the senior manager came up and I noticed that on her badge next to her name there is a snowman in the lower corner. I began to understand something: all the main ones had these small thematic stickers – Santa, candy, deer. The waiter looked at the badge with a sticker and gave them free drinks. I went back to my table and told everyone what was happening. Colleagues were furious: this is discrimination – right at the party! One of the secretaries announced that she had an idea and ran off to the street. A few minutes later she returned with a roll of holiday stickers. We stuck them on the badges and attacked the bar. I remember having a great time. © Joseph Zimmerman / quora
20+ Stories from People Whose New Year Party was a Success

  • He introduced his 6-year-old daughter to the boss at the New Year’s party, she looked at me and asked: “Is this the same asshole?” © Kevin L. Stone / twitter
  • I was invited to our corporate evening. The dress code is smart casual, as I understand it, it’s something like casual clothes, but a little more elegant than usual. On the appointed day, I put on jeans, a fresh deer sweater, shaved and cleaned my boots. He looked at himself in the mirror – well poured smart casual. When I entered, the host in a tuxedo met me. Everyone, absolutely everyone I saw, was in suits. I stood in jeans and a sweater with deers and thought about how to slip down quietly, but then from the darkness in the corner I caught someone’s sad look. Yes! It was my unfortunate friend. Victim of smart casual. Dude in jeans and a sweater. “A smart casual party,” I said, pointing to my outfit. When we finished laughing, we saw another bewildered face. Also in smart casual. There were three reindeer herders on this evening … © Kaa1980 / pikabu
  • A colleague drank and began to massage the bald spot of our boss, as if it were a crystal ball, and predict the fate of everyone around. © Scarlett / twitter
  • My boss drank at the party and begged me to introduce him to “that little baby in a green dress.” It was a rubber tree … © ∂ebra-fa-ℓa-ℓa-ℓa-ℓa-ℓee / twitter
  • Today both my wife and I have a corporate party. We work in different places, but it coincided. Yesterday, my wife tried on different outfits until one in the morning; I worked as an expert on female beauty with sticky eyes. Today I took with me a hefty package with equipment that you can equip a small hairdresser. “I also have a corporate party,” I thought, and put on a new tie … Wife: “Who are you going to seduce there ?!” © PivBear / pikabu
20+ Stories from People Whose New Year Party was a Success
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  • They gathered us in a large hall, about 300 people – here are the workers and the highest authorities of the branch. The host began a survey on the achievements of those present. Who has what: who lost 20 kg, whose son was born, whom they raised. The turn came to me. “What are you proud of?” The host asks me. “I collected the Rubik’s Cube,” I say. “And in the professional equivalent of what I achieved”? – asks. I parry: “And I did it at work.” The high society of the branch opened its mouths, the immediate supervisor is hand-to-face, everyone else laughs. In short, they did not believe it, I still work. © deres / pikabu
  • They decided to arrange a party right in the office. My colleagues and I actively noted and decided that it would be fun to get into the general’s office and take a selfie. No sooner said than done. He came in when we took a selfie. Everyone froze on the ground, and then they came up with nothing better than just running away. I turned around at the end of the corridor, and he stood in the doorway laughing. © ALT_enveetee / reddit
  • The corporate party started well. We ate, drank, chatted and joked. The CEO came and asked for a moment of attention. We assumed that he would simply wish us a Happy New Year and wish him happy holidays, but instead he announced that we would not receive bonuses and layoffs were coming in the near future. Everyone was furious, so a collective decision was made to “drink and eat” for all the bonuses this year. Then the enchanting show began. The next day, half of the company did not go to work, ill. Those who went out fought for a place in the restroom. © HorseMeatSandwich / reddit
  • Yesterday, my husband came from a corporate party with a woman. Time 2:45, I am sitting in the kitchen in the dark. He came in quietly, told her to take off her shoes and not make noise, otherwise the family would wake up. I think how caring he remembers his family. To say that I’m freaking out is to say nothing. I’m sitting waiting for what will happen next. We went into the hall, turned on the light, a couple of minutes of silence, and I hear – panting from a strain. I quietly go up to the door, look at the opening, and he staggers, lifts 2 weights of 24 kg. I laughed like never before in my life. He argued with the personnel officer that he could raise 20 times, but she did not believe it – he brought home to prove it. So he won a vacation in July. Pretty boy.
    “Tomorrow I’ll do it too.” © SandyBoy / pikabu

Did your New Year corporate party succeed this year?

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