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Twitter Users Share Story of Happiest Moments in 2019

At the end of the year, it is customary to take stock, and they can be both pleasant and not very good. But it is much more effective and useful for the nervous system to remember only the happiest moments. That’s what users did on this thread on Twitter.

We at Happy Worthy Life, too, began to recall what were the highlights of this year, and we recommend that you do the same.

“I learned that I will become a father”

“Trieste, Italy. I sat on the seashore, and my tears came to my eyes – I felt so good … “

“It’s me in the MFC’s toilet an hour after the deal to buy an apartment”

A day filled with happiness

“The 5th day of the 140-kilometer trek along the Alps, 2 more days ahead. All the problems are somewhere below, but for now you can not think about anything except how many meters are left to climb the next pass ”

“July, the Hermitage. In a crowd of such onlookers I look at a masterpiece of the Renaissance and almost cry with delight. Behind me is a friend who suddenly arrived. He raises me in his arms so that I can see the peacock watch. ”

“This is me at work at the airport, when I got access to the apron and to the aircraft. On that day, the commander smiled at me and offered to fly with them to Novosibirsk ”

“My first trip alone and Paris. I experienced all the best feelings in the Universe ”

“My first wave in my life, the second time went into the ocean. Pure, completely childish happiness! ”

“I went to Tver to the lake for the weekend”

“I sleep in the back room during the conference, which I prepared in very limited conditions after a long, 13-year break”

“I drink wine on the seashore, I spend sunset with friends and feel like the heroine of an American film, where in any case a happy ending”

“April. Netherlands. We rode a bicycle along the fields of tulips, and then found this cozy place for dinner ”

“The first encounter with the ocean in 31 years. Maximum delight “

Cappadocia and Dolphins

“When flew up to the Maldives … Dreams come true”

“Perhaps you can’t say it in my face, but this is definitely the best day of the year”

September 5th

“05/31/2019. Last working day at a hated job. After 4 days – a plane to St. Petersburg with a one-way ticket and complete unknown ”

“Honestly, I don’t remember, so here it is”

Show you your happiest day in 2019!

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