10 Memory of Female Humor Who Look Like a Genius

Each girl has kind of humor, logic and self-irony. When all three of these come together, the result is so unexpected that it instantly scatters all over the Internet.

We once again declare: the charm of women lies in their immediacy. The heroines of this article only once again confirm this.

“Students now: have their own opinion on any account, have decided on their position on world issues.
When I was a schoolgirl: … “

“This is my worst photo ever that I’ve taken.”

“My 4 year old daughter asked for a real laptop. I did this to her. ”


And someone who decided to bake the toad, a bread rat, a bread louse.

Couldn’t get a Roomba so I made my own

10 Memory of Female Humor Who Look Like a Genius
andromeda_buttress / Reddit  

“I came home from work and saw my wife in a wedding dress. We have been married for 8 years and today is our anniversary ”

I completed my degree at Oxford and I got caked. I’m very happy

I have a “not impressed” look with President Obama

And what is the most unusual memory of female humor or an atypical act you have?

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