11 Stars Who Use Budget Cosmetics Despite Their Millions

Famous women always look like a million dollars. Indeed, having as much and even more in your bank account, you can afford a lot. But it turns out that in cosmetics bags of world stars there are not only luxury brands. After all, more expensive does not always mean better.

The female half of the editorial board of Happy Worthy Life is not averse to spying a couple of celebrity beauty secrets. It turned out that we, without knowing it, use the same cosmetics as they do.

Meghan Markle’s favorite mascara costs $ 10

Makeup artist Megan Lydia Sellers said the Duchess loves Maybelline’s Lash Sensational mascara. It simultaneously lengthens the eyelashes and makes them more voluminous. And the fact that this mascara is available even with a limited budget is another big plus.

Jennifer Aniston Chooses $ 9 Sunscreen

The actress spends a lot of time in the sun and therefore can not imagine life without protective equipment from  Aveeno . Aniston admits that she has her everywhere: in the car, in her purse, at home, by the pool. There is always a bottle with sunscreen lotion in her bathroom, and a celebrity must apply the product to the skin immediately after a shower.

Gwen Stefani prefers hair conditioner for $ 5

The singer uses an inexpensive moisturizing conditioner from  Pantene , which can be bought for only $ 5. Of course, you should not wait for a visible result after the first application. But if you use this conditioner regularly, your hair will look healthier.

Beyoncé Chooses $ 7 Lip Balm

The singer admits that this moisturizing balm from Sephora is only thing perhaps, ( keys, phone and wallet) that she is sincerely afraid to lose.

Victoria Beckham prefers moisturizer for $ 19

One of Victoria Beckham’s favorite cosmetics is  Weleda Moisturizer with chamomile, calendula and violet extracts. It is thick and pleasant and copes with its main task.

Nicole Kidman uses a moisturizer for $ 16

Neutrogena Retinol Night Cream is one of the beauty secrets of the famous actress. Many people do not trust retinol as part of anti-aging agents – it is believed that it dries the skin. However, Nicole Kidman notes that this is not so. Her favorite cream, although it contains retinol, has a moisturizing effect.

Emma Watson Loves $ 15 Lip Tint

The actress prefers natural cosmetics, and among her favorites is a lip tint from  The Body Shop . The girl notes that this product does not at all look like lipstick in the usual sense of the word. Emma Watson also likes the bright shades of tint and the fact that she is really persistent.

Mandy Moore Chooses $ 9 Face Mist

The star of the series “This is Us” said in an interview that she can not imagine how she could do without the mystery from  Garnier . She uses it before applying makeup, and sprinkles her face lightly before leaving the house. And in the summer heat, the actress keeps a bottle of funds in the refrigerator.

Kylie Jenner prefers blush for $ 6

Given that the celebrity has developed its own line of cosmetics, her choice in favor of inexpensive blush may seem strange. Well, getting the perfect shade and good quality at low price , we would not pay more either.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley picks micellar water for $ 15

The supermodel removes makeup using Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water . The girl likes that this product gently affects her sensitive skin and leaves no trace of pollution.

Gigi Hadid’s Favorite Concealer Costs Only $ 10

Makeup artist Gigi Hadid admitted that the famous model does not always use foundation. Maybelline Concealer only helps her look perfect  for just $ 10. It is easy to apply and provides a perfectly even finish.

And what ideal remedy from your cosmetic bag could you recommend to the stars?

  • 10 Memory of Female Humor Who Look Like a Genius

    Each girl has kind of humor, logic and self-irony. When all three of these come together, the result is so unexpected that it instantly scatters all over the Internet.

    We once again declare: the charm of women lies in their immediacy. The heroines of this article only once again confirm this.

    “Students now: have their own opinion on any account, have decided on their position on world issues.
    When I was a schoolgirl: … “

    “This is my worst photo ever that I’ve taken.”

    “My 4 year old daughter asked for a real laptop. I did this to her. ”


    And someone who decided to bake the toad, a bread rat, a bread louse.

    Couldn’t get a Roomba so I made my own

    10 Memory of Female Humor Who Look Like a Genius
    andromeda_buttress / Reddit  

    “I came home from work and saw my wife in a wedding dress. We have been married for 8 years and today is our anniversary ”

    I completed my degree at Oxford and I got caked. I’m very happy

    I have a “not impressed” look with President Obama

    And what is the most unusual memory of female humor or an atypical act you have?

  • 5 Facts About Fashion and Beauty in North Korea Prove That it’s Not Easy to be a Woman in This Country

    When we hear about Korean beauty secrets, the girls come to mind themselves and high-quality cosmetics in unusual packages. But what about the other side of the border? After all, we don’t know much about how North Korean women live.

    We carefully studied the stories of the girls from the DPRK. In the end, we learned about beauty in the most closed country in the world a little more.

    1. North Korea has several popular cosmetic brands

    Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:’tpnJ9A4qTxRugLjXAH2LVQ’,sig:’Uva7B9pxPPFOKFykW1g6jHU28xj5nY9-XRe3EzAlJlQ=’,w:’594px’,h:’384px’,items:’1029065952′,caption: true ,tld:’com’,is360: false })});

    The production of cosmetics is well established and works properly. The two main factories in Pyongyang and Xinyju are considered to be the best in the country. They produce skin care products and perfumes. According to state media, the demand for such products is constantly growing, it is high-quality and available to all women in the country.

    Pyongyang’s cosmetics factory is not only known in North Korea. Its management has ambitious plans: to make its own products under the brand Unhasu in demand all over the world. And something is already working out. You can already buy a cream or face mask from the DPRK in some countries.

    However, the high quality of this cosmetics is denied by Dr. Sun-woo Nam, head of the Department of North Korean Studies at Korea University in Seoul. Dr. Nam, who is writing a book about cosmetics in the DPRK, has a huge collection of skin care products, including 65 whitening creams, essences and washing products. All this was delivered to him for study by one of the students.

    Professor Nam notes that North Korean skin care products are of poor quality. Many of them smell too strong, too liquid or are packed into vials with poorly performing dispensers.

    Such cosmetics are available to women from large cities and with high levels of wealth. Villagers and those who come from poor families cannot afford it. But on some important dates for the country. For example on Sun Day, the simplest care products like soap or skin lotion are given out for free .

    2. With decorative cosmetics it’s getting worse

    Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:’30J2lmJnTFtao0qUozHI3A’,sig:’Gp7JLelDxXFgeAZ4X2gG2Zsl1C18rIyTVJcW4wcCM2U=’,w:’420px’,h:’594px’,items:’921660270′,caption: true ,tld:’com’,is360: false })});

    The products of North Korean factories are mainly for skin and hair care. There are anti-aging creams and even special products that improve blood circulation. But to find on the shelves of stores lipstick or eyeshadow is almost impossible. The thing is that bright makeup in the country is forbidden. You can paint, but be sure to observe moderation.

    Now living in South Korea, Danby Kim (name changed) says that in the language of North Koreans there are no words, which can be called decorative cosmetics. For example, lipstick is “a thing that paints lips” and blush is “what makes the cheeks red.”

    3. The country has its own trend fashion

    5 Facts About Fashion and Beauty in North Korea Prove That it's Not Easy to be a Woman in This Country
    Getty Images  

    Young metropolitan girls copy the style of famous pop singers, such as the group Moranbong, one of the most popular in the country. But, of course, the north Korean pop stars are very different from their colleagues from the South.

    And while local self-care products are easy to get (of course, if you’re lucky enough to be born in Pyongyang), and the girls have someone to look up to in their quest to be beautiful, it doesn’t save the overall situation in North Korea.

    4. There are strict standards for appearance

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    We have already written about the fact that in North Korea you can not just buy blue jeans or make an unusual haircut. But there are many more restrictions. The appearance of the DPRK residents should be “strictly consistent with the way of life in the country.” Close attention is paid to:

    • hair color and their length (coloring is prohibited, and haircuts should be neat; the maximum allowable length of hair for women – just below the shoulder); Do curls are forbidden if the hair is naturally straight;
    • the presence of jewelry (there should not be too many);
    • make-up (allowed pink and brown tones, red – under the ban);
    • women’s skirts (they should not be too short).

    The DPRK even published a fashion magazine, which describes exactly how to look.

    5. Police patrols are always on duty on the streets of cities

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    Compliance with the rules regarding the appearance of the country’s residents is strictly controlled. Police patrols are deployed through the streets of cities, and every passerby is assessed. Nara Kang, a former resident of the country, said: “Whenever I painted, the elderly people in the village called me a scoundrel. Every 10m, there were fashion police units on the street. They’ve been watching us closely.”

    How girls learn about fresh trends

    Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:’vHhJpyGIR5JVwnfJ2W3SnQ’,sig:’K40VcmX6u7Af_6626k0fU7IV84UMoBKcbYZQF8VMRK0=’,w:’594px’,h:’420px’,items:’618273226′,caption: true ,tld:’com’,is360: false })});

    Information about what fashion looks like outside the DPRK is not always available to local residents. But there is a special program “Flash for Freedom” through which about 900,000 residents of the closed country received USB carriers with South Korean movies, photos and music. Sometimes the flash drives have to be hidden in bottles from under drinks to pass to the recipients.

    Beauty as a way to freedom

    Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:’COCnNrpXSG9u7t-g_0FfNA’,sig:’RiIO-Qus-T9LKYRXjChgPRI1KyrtgvtQbgKK8RwFajs=’,w:’594px’,h:’396px’,items:’962313600′,caption: true ,tld:’com’,is360: false })});

    Despite the fact that imported from abroad cosmetics is expensive (for one mascara from South Korea have to pay the equivalent of the cost of 2 weeks of rice), the demand for it is high.

    Joo Yang, who now lives in South Korea and works as a jewelry designer, says that the evolution of her compatriots’ style is well visible. Young people watch popular TV shows in the south, and they try to look just like their heroes. According to Joo Yang, such changes are not just a superficial adherence to other people’s traditions. This is a signal that the younger generation is ready for change.

  • Scientists Say That These 7 Strange Things in Women Actually Attract Men

    Sometimes flaws complement our beauty, and the things we are shy of turn out to be sweet and even seductive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

    We have found several studies that prove: attractive is not always = flawless.

    Body smell

    Sweating outside the gym and running track in the park is at least embarrassing. People can distinguish more than a trillion odors. And though sweat does not seem to us the most pleasant of them, but it perfectly tells the interlocutor about our emotions. Scientists are sure that the smell of happiness is “contagious”: we can smell it and feel positive emotions in response.

    2. Laughter

    Psychologists say that if we meet someone near whom we want to laugh, we can believe that relations have great chances for a good future: life next to this person will be fun and filled with good mood.

    3. Glasses

    It is not necessary to leave reading-only glasses alone. The results of the study show that men consider women with glasses more cute and sexy.

    4. Light tanning marks

    Thin stripes of light skin against a tanned body look even more naked. They attract the eye and arouse the desire to touch these delicate areas of the body.

    5. Disheveled hairstyle

    6. Lack of makeup

    Scientists have estimated : 40% of people find girls without makeup more attractive.

    7. Tummy

    A small tummy only adds appeal. Scientists say that the main thing is maintaining proportions in the figure. Studies show that when viewing photographs of women with an hourglass figure, the zones responsible for pleasure are activated in the brains of men.


    Scientists Say That These 7 Strange Things in Women Actually Attract Men
    East News  

    Without makeup, with tousled hair, eat food from plate of man, you can remain the most charming woman in his eyes.

    Have you noticed in your loved one such imperfections that are more valuable than any virtues? Tell us in the comments!

    Preview photo face to face / East News , pixabay.com

  • 20 Life Stories About Women Who Humor Reveal the Essence of Things

    According to some men, the world is full of difficulties, but many of them are nothing compared to trying to understand women. Yes, the beautiful half of humanity is not so simple, but psychologist Aglaya Dateshidze seems to have found an amusing way to look into the inner world of girls and presented a small key to understanding. Attention: nobody canceled his own thoughts and attempts to get to the truth.

    We are trying to better understand ourselves and others, so I’m sure that the mini-stories from today’s collection will give us all a new portion of food for the mind and understanding of women.

    • Once upon a time there was a girl. Once she got into trouble, learned a lot and paid dearly for it. And what? A good education is worth it.
    • Once upon a time there was a girl. She was very successful. Everyone wanted a car like hers, a house like hers, a family like hers, a job like hers, a biography like hers. But for some reason, nobody wanted her fate like hers. For free they wanted, in general.
    • Once upon a time there was a girl. Once she went to the bathhouse and could not understand where all these old aunts were coming from. After all, they are all forty! And in the year before last, only thirty-nine was fulfilled.

    • Once upon a time there was a girl. She dreamed that someone big, strong and smart would appear in her life. And then it turned out that she herself was.
    • Once upon a time there was a girl. Once she considered herself fat and stopped eating. Now she is fat, hungry and angry.
    • Once upon a time there was a girl. Terry continuous tryndets developed inside her. And since this has always been so, tryndets outside does not care a bit about her. On the contrary, you can distract from the inside. And it’s a little nice that Tryndets is not alone with her now.
    • Once upon a time there was a girl. Once she saw a shooting star, but she didn’t guess anything. And why? Yes, because this girl already had everything.
    • Once upon a time there was a girl. She had tried many pancakes in her life: with jam, and butter, and sour cream. But she ate the most delicious pancakes by the warm sea at night under a full moon in good company. And it seemed like simple pancakes were, and so delicious. I wonder what they put there?

    • Once upon a time there was a girl. And she had friends. The girl of her friends was very fond of and all the time she was marrying these men, as they were there. And the friends lived a little married, and then got divorced and returned to the girl. What can you do, love.
    • Once upon a time there was a girl. Everyone appreciated, respected, and was a little afraid. Once she broke her leg, but no one dared to help her. And even “how are you?” did not ask. Why? I say that everyone respected her, appreciated her and was a little afraid.
    • Once upon a time there was a girl. She work, slept, ate, and again work-work-work. Think because the girl was a workaholic? Not at all! It’s just that the girl really liked her work.
    • Once upon a time there was a girl. She was a little crazy. And this girl had a cherished dream: to become NORMAL. Oh, that only this girl just didn’t! I took pills and went to trainings, and I followed different rules. Fought, fought, and finally became absolutely normal. Now everything is sitting so normal, looking out of the window of a concrete new building. Boredom-a-a-a-a-a.
    • Once upon a time there was a girl. She was absolutely happy, despite the fact that she was not married. Although, perhaps this was a recipe.

    • Once upon a time there was a girl. And once babies were born to her. Dear, eh … These kids grew up and became a girl unhappy. Either the porridge was burnt by them, then the cake was not in that chocolate … Once the girl was tired of all this, she fatally hired a governess, left with the children, and went for a walk herself. Finally breathe fresh air. And so she walks, which means that our girl in the park enjoys freedom, and the kids call her and cry into the phone: “Mom, where are you? Come back soon! We love you and want to be unhappy with you! ”
    • Once upon a time there was a girl. Once she was waiting for something, but her expectations were not fulfilled. You can’t even imagine how many innocent people suffered in the end!
    • Once upon a time there was a girl. She always had keys, cards, a passport, lipstick and lace panties in her bag, as well as the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, a guide to psychiatry, a gun, a swimsuit and a veil. After all, you never know what you need today. And if you look into her trunk …

    Describe also your life lesson, starting with the words “Once upon a time there was a girl / Once upon a time there was a boy.”

  • 11 Features of Appearance That Most Women Consider to be Disadvantages. It Turned Out, Very Vain

    For some reason, many women like to find flaws in themselves: either their legs are short, then a few extra pounds, or their eyebrows are not thick enough. Although it is possible that all that the girls call flaws is their zest, which the opposite sex actually likes and sets them apart from the crowd.

    We at Happy Worthy Life decided to find out what flaws on which girls are fixated look like virtues in the eyes of men. To do this, we arranged a small survey of the male part of our editorial staff, and also rummaged in popular forums. By the way, in the end you will find a rather unexpected bonus.

    1. Lush hips

    11 Features of Appearance That Most Women Consider to be Disadvantages. It Turned Out, Very Vain
    kyliejenner / instagram  

    For many years, women have been taught that prominent hips should be hidden with clothing and heels. But ideally, it is better, of course, to lose weight in order to look like models from magazines. However, in the past few years, the situation has begun to change – lush hips have turned from a lack of dignity, which should not be hidden. At the same time, men always liked the appetizing forms, this was confirmed by scientific research.

    The opinion of men:

    • I love lush hips because it is more feminine than thinness. The narrow hips make me think of my own hips. After all, I don’t want another guy in my bed. © Janko Petrik / Quora
    • I am happy that the rounded shape of the buttocks has finally come into fashion and the girls are no longer seeking to lose weight. But in the zero I suffered when many of my beloved dreamed of being like models.

    2. Freckles

    Some women consider freckles to be some kind of skin flaw and try to get rid of them by any means, buying whitening creams and  hiding freckles under a concealer . And it’s very vain, because it’s a pretty and rather rare natural jewelry that gives the face touch and charm.

    The opinion of men:

    In the list: Woman survives thanks to silicone breast implant

    3. Small tummy

    An attractive woman will always have a soft bend around her abdomen. Only a man who does not have fat below the waist can have a stomach as flat as a washboard. A female tummy is a sign of femininity. Rounded thighs, buttocks and abdomen are powerful signs of sexual attractiveness in women. ©  Ulysses Elias / Quora

    I like the female tummy because it is soft and it is a rather vulnerable part of the body, very similar to the neck, so touching the female belly is a very sensual and intimate thing, very similar to a kiss on the neck. © Caleb Beers / Quora

    4. Small breasts

    11 Features of Appearance That Most Women Consider to be Disadvantages. It Turned Out, Very Vain

    A fairly common misconception: the larger the chest, the more she likes the opposite sex. Unsurprisingly, bust augmentation surgery is so popular. But it turns out that men have their own views on this issue.

    The opinion of men:

    • Honestly, I like any female breast, it is beautiful! This is quite difficult to explain, but the shape of the female breast is very different from the male, and it is this difference that we like. © Greg Donovan / Quora
    • Small breasts are good. Men like girls with a proportional figure. Nothing should look strange, such as a very large chest. ©  Donald Fone  / Quora
    • It’s so cool – a neat little chest. The aesthetics of small breasts are exciting. I had girls with a third and one, even with a fourth size, but for me they are less attractive than the first and especially the second size. ©  Tima Baranov / Thequestion

    5. Low growth

    Short girls often complex because of their height, put on high heels and try to visually add a couple of centimeters with the help of clothes. And in vain, because short is not a drawback.

    The opinion of men:

    • Growth does not matter, the girl’s personality is important, but short stature has a number of advantages. For example, guys like it when they hug a girl’s head on his chest. And you can lift it at any time.
      © Sritam Sambit / Quora
    • Personally, I like girls up to 160 cm, but I don’t attach much importance to growth. With my height of 174 cm, this, firstly, looks organic, and secondly, the little girls are very cute for me, I want to immediately grab or hug in my arms, and also funny situations when they can’t get anything off the shelf , eg. ©  Dmitry Ponomarchuk / Thequestion
    • Personally, with a height of 177 cm, I like short girls, from about 165 to 170 cm. Of course, this is not the most important factor, but it looks very aesthetically very cool when the girl is small and neat. © Nikita Chomutov / Thequestion

    You like it: A Woman Copies Photographs of Celebrities to Show That Size not Influence Style

    6. Points

    In school years, some girls are embarrassed to wear glasses, as they fear becoming an object of ridicule. Sometimes a children’s complex is transferred to adulthood , and girls tend to get rid of glasses. At the same time, many men admire this accessory.

    The opinion of men:

    • Girls with glasses are cool. It looks cute and adds some fragility to the image. Maybe a stereotype, but it creates the impression of a smart person. Especially now, the girls understood this and began to put on just glasses, with glasses without diopters. In any case, do not be shy, for a girl this is a very good accessory. © Jackie Chan / Thequestion
    • Very sensitive. I have no idea why. Each girl with glasses looks much better. My theory is that glasses divide the face aesthetically neatly. ©  Stephen Charbonneau / Quora
    • I can say that often glasses on girls look very attractive and sexy. And some even with glasses look better than without. ©  Mechanical Engineer / Thequestion

    7. Disheveled hair, sloppy hairstyle

    Sometimes women spend a lot of time on a neat hairstyle or perfect styling, and the slightest blow of the wind causes a panic attack. But men admit that they like disheveled hair, they find it very attractive.

    The opinion of men:

    • A light mess on your head will not scare anyone away. Uncritical negligence is quite attractive.
    • Sloppy bum plus lack of makeup plus an old bathrobe. What can say more about the growing trust in your relationship than the moment when a girl appears in front of a guy in her “pristine” form?

    8. Lack of makeup

    Oddly enough, but too bright makeup, with bright lipstick and a thick layer of tonal means, repels men, but does not attract. Guys love to make their face look as natural as possible: not necessarily without makeup, but rather a more natural option.

    The opinion of men:

    • Most men do not like face makeup. However, most men will not be able to distinguish light makeup from its absence. © Paul Lashomb / Quora
    • Many girls themselves do not understand how beautiful they are and how their “coloring” spoils everything. Either they do not understand, or they are chasing after some ephemeral standards. ©  Nikolai Maksutov / Thequestion
    • Makeup makes ladies brighter, but not more beautiful. Adds “plastics” to the look. 99% of the women I saw with and without makeup look better without it. By the way, since such a dance, explain to me what kind of fashion went to remove eyebrows and draw new ones? How does it feel to wake up next to a lady who has no eyebrows? ©  Dog Dog / Thequestion

    9. Stretch marks 

    11 Features of Appearance That Most Women Consider to be Disadvantages. It Turned Out, Very Vain

    Despite the fact that stretch marks are completely natural, especially on delicate skin, some women are embarrassed about them. And in vain, because the guys either do not notice these stripes at all , or find them quite cute. Especially if they appeared after the woman gave birth to a child.

    The opinion of men:

    • Oddly enough, I even like stretch marks, especially on the chest. This is sexy. And I cannot be the only one. Partly, probably, this is because I know that it’s also not perfect, therefore, noting that a woman is imperfect, I feel at ease. © Valter Viglietti / Quora
    • I love my wife and her stretch marks, which she received after giving birth to my 4 beautiful children. ©  C Scott Nielsen / Quora
    • A normal man knows that this happens because of quick weight loss, and after pregnancy. It `s naturally. I probably love women too much that I do not pay attention to it. Stretch marks are as normal as corns on the heel glued with plaster. ©  Edward the Ordinary / Thequestion

    10. Teeth and smile

    Another favorite standard is the so-called Hollywood smile: smooth and snow-white teeth without a single flaw. However, in the pursuit of excellence, it is important not to forget that any imperfection is a highlight , and the sincere smile of a loved one is always beautiful. By the way, the dent between the front teeth, or diastema, is considered the norm in dentistry.

    The opinion of men:

    • One girl had a beautiful gap between her teeth. Her smile lit up the room. However, when I first met her, she could not smile without covering her mouth. I hated that. Family members and classmates laughed at her crinkle, and she was very shy of her teeth. And for me, she looked very naughty and sexy. © Marc Robinson / Quora
    • Shchebinka will always look nice to me. In addition, my friend has one, and it’s amazing. © Okereke Onyekachi / Quora

    11. Natural eyelashes

    Girls who have short and not very lush eyelashes by nature, very often resort to the extension procedure. Women see this as one plus: it’s convenient, you can not splurge on cosmetics, and your eyes become brighter, but the opposite sex does not agree with them.

    The opinion of men:

    • I don’t like fake eyelashes. Like bright lipstick, as well as tons of “plaster”. The best beauty is natural. Someone says that you may not notice extended eyelashes. I don’t know how others are, but I immediately notice them. © Nikita Mikryukov / Thequestion
    • For some reason, many girls think that eyelash extensions make their eyes expressive. It is clear that when they are 5 cm and are bent in an unnatural way, they are definitely not real. Rhinestones are also molded for some reason. In short, their own are better, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.
    • I usually notice fake eyelashes. This is pretty obvious and rarely looks good, even if they are made professionally. There is something that distracts them. They are plastic. But mascara looks great. © the-solar-sailer / Reddit

    Bonus: leaked makeup

    Several guys emphasized what they like when the girl got a little mascara or lipstick smeared they believes that this is how the girl looks cute and defenseless.

    Why do you think the difference between female and male perceptions is so great? Perhaps girls are fixated on trifles, and guys prefer to evaluate the whole image?

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