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15+ Girls Have Proven That You Don’t Have to Buy a Wedding Dresses for a Fortune to Look Stunning

Some designer wedding dresses cost several thousand dollars, but not all girls are ready to spend such an impressive amount on an outfit for one evening. And the most economical brides prefer to buy second-hand clothes and do not hesitate to look for the image of their dreams in second-hand shops.

Taking a look at their findings, we made sure that you can buy a great dress even for a penny.

1. “Vintage wedding dress, $1 !!!!! Now, if only I had a groom.”

2. “I will be getting married in this $ 40 lace dress in July.”

3. Dresses from Vera Wang cost $65!

4. “Fell in love with this vintage $ 12.50 dress. Now I think: should I sell it or keep it for my wedding in the future? “

5. “Found my dream outfit for $ 15.”

6. “I couldn’t help but buy this amazing dress for £ 20.”

7. This girl only spent $ 12

8. “This dress cost € 29. Although I won’t have a wedding in the near future, I wish I had bought this beauty.”

9. “Looked at this dress for months and finally bought it for $ 10.”

10. “A new outfit like this costs $ 1,400, I paid $ 37.49.”

11. “Found a 1940s dress for 75 cents. I have no idea what to do with it, but I couldn’t leave without this purchase. “

12. Thrifted a potential future wedding dress for $25 at Goodwill!

13. “A second-hand lady sold me this dress for £ 50 instead of 100.”

14. The wedding dress of my dreams for $40 at Goodwill

15. Stopped in because I had to pee, and ended up finding my wedding dress for $7.50!

16. “Photos don’t even come close to conveying the beauty of this $ 20 purchase.”

17. “Bought this wedding dress for $ 2. Someone marry me.”

How much did you buy your wedding dress for?

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