20 Women Over 40 Who Prove Getting Old Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

We have to accept that getting old is one of those things that many would like to stop or at least slow down and is that after all, who likes to look more old? Surely nobody. It’s no surprise that the cosmetics and anti-aging cream industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. While getting old can cause fear or insecurities in people, the reality is that it is not synonymous with looking bad and the women you will see below show it, some looking better now than they did in their youth. Check out.


“The woman I love the most (My mother), 40.”

“I am 42 years old, I dyed my hair for the first time this year.”

“I am 42 years old.”

“I am 40 years old, 4 children. I have not yet visited an esthetician ”.

“Mom, 40 years old, looks younger than me.”


“My sister, 40 years old.”

“Okay, I’ll join the club too… 48 in a month.”

“46 years old, but I feel like 25”.


“My mother is 43 years old and they always think that we are not a daughter and a mother, but sisters.”

“My mother is 40 years old in this photo.”

“My mom turns 40 next year, but I couldn’t help but share.”

“My mom is on the right, her name is Olya and she is 47 years old. She plays sports six days a week and I love her. “


“My dear mother, who is 54 years old. I am proud of her and I dream of looking just as beautiful after fifty ”.

“Mom turns 57, she’s still so pretty.”

“Almost 44.”


“That’s my mom. The photo was taken a year or two ago. She is 42 years old at the moment, they once called us sisters. “

“I am 40 years old”

“I am 45 years old”.

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Photo by Reddit

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