8 Answers to Question What Dollar Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg Found in Priscilla Chan

Priscilla Chan, wife of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and mother of his two children, at first glance seems like an ordinary woman, many people on the Internet criticize her for this usualness, completely not realizing what the billionaire found this woman.


We at Happy Worthy Life think that he found a lot. Priscilla has a lot of wonderful qualities, and we wanted to know more about her life.

1. She is smart and educated

Priscilla grew up in a family of Chinese refugees. It was not easy for them, but the parents did everything for their daughter to receive a prestigious education. She graduated from Harvard University with a degree in biology and even managed to work as a teacher, explaining to children how this world works.

Later she decided to become a pediatrician and entered the medical school of the University of California. And she became an excellent doctor working with children in San Francisco.

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2. Adequate and humble

As a girl, and then wife of Mark Zuckerberg, she always remained herself, did not deviate from her principles and had her own view of things. The famous story about expensive shoes says a lot about Priscilla’s character.

Once Priscilla, along with Mark’s sister Randy Zuckerberg, saw expensive shoes in the store: they cost $ 600. But instead of buying them, she decisively refused the desired thing, and not at all because she could not afford it. “You have to buy them, you have the money,” Randy insisted. “It’s not my money,” Chan said confidently and put her shoes back.

Priscilla married Mark 9 years after they met. Their wedding was modest, like their whole life: they tried not to attract too much attention to themselves. Still, there was one thing that was very important for the bride. This is a dress . It was relatively inexpensive by Hollywood standards – $ 4,700, was not exclusive (you could buy it on the website), but the outfit was made by Los Angeles-based designer Claire Pettibon.


3. She and her husband have similar views and a sense of humor.

When Priscilla saw Mark for the first time, she thought: “He’s a real nerd!” The girl drew attention to the fact that in Mark’s hands was a mug with a joke inscription, understandable only to programmers. And she, too, immediately understood it, as she was a little fond of programming.

When Priscilla and Mark started dating, she made him a condition . He had to give her at least 100 minutes a week and invite her for 1 date.


She always supported Mark in all his endeavors and believed in him. Even at the very beginning of the journey, when he did not know whether the new social network would “expand”, she was one of the first to start a page there.

4. Does charity work

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The huge donations that Zuckerberg family regularly make come from Priscilla. The money is intended for schools, hospitals, research centers that develop strategies to combat dangerous diseases. For example, they donated $ 75 million to build a new intensive care unit and trauma center at the San Francisco hospital where Priscilla worked as a doctor. As a token of gratitude, the clinic now even bears the name of Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg.

And after the birth of their first child, the family surprised the world with their statement . They promised to donate 99% of their shares to charity.

5. Makes Facebook more human

Priscilla is called the first lady of Facebook, and of course she is involved in many projects to improve it. Many of her ideas are aimed at improving communication between people and mutual assistance. For example, with her submission to Facebook, a new option appeared : American and British users were able to indicate in their profile that after death their organs could be used for transplantation.

6. She went through a lot

Priscilla really wanted to have children, but the path to the long-awaited motherhood not easy. Three attempts to carry the baby ended in miscarriages. When she finally managed to keep the pregnancy until such a time when the child was no longer in danger, Mark openly stated that they were expecting a baby.

The purpose of the statement was to help people live and discuss, if necessary, the problems of pregnancy, not to hush up the situation.

“You are full of hope when you find out that you will have a child. You begin to imagine who he will become and dream about his future. You start making plans – and then everything stops. This is an experience of being alone. Most people do not discuss such things: you are worried that your problems alienate you from others, or reflect on you as if you do something wrong or you provoked it by their actions, “  – shared his thoughts Zuckerberg.

7. But now she is a happy mother of two.

Long-awaited happiness has come in Priscilla’s life, she is the mother of two daughters: 5-year-old Max and 3-year-old August. The Zuckerberg adore daughters, but do not love them with blind love, and  adhere to the principles of upbringing that are important to them. For example, girls have small but important household chores. They recently learned how to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

In addition, parents are eager to show them how important work is. “Mark and I take both of them to work, to the office, so that they can see what we are doing and how we contribute to the common cause,  ” says Priscilla.

8. She appreciates the simplest things in life.

“We have always tried to stick to our goals, our beliefs and what we enjoy doing in life as much as possible. We like very simple things , ” says Priscilla. Children and family, home, health, walks, the opportunity to enjoy communication with loved ones, play board games.

But every day to do what can change the world for the better.

Do you like this charming and strong woman?

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