Scientists Say That These 7 Strange Things in Women Actually Attract Men

Sometimes flaws complement our beauty, and the things we are shy of turn out to be sweet and even seductive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

We have found several studies that prove: attractive is not always = flawless.

Body smell

Sweating outside the gym and running track in the park is at least embarrassing. People can distinguish more than a trillion odors. And though sweat does not seem to us the most pleasant of them, but it perfectly tells the interlocutor about our emotions. Scientists are sure that the smell of happiness is “contagious”: we can smell it and feel positive emotions in response.

2. Laughter

Psychologists say that if we meet someone near whom we want to laugh, we can believe that relations have great chances for a good future: life next to this person will be fun and filled with good mood.

3. Glasses

It is not necessary to leave reading-only glasses alone. The results of the study show that men consider women with glasses more cute and sexy.

4. Light tanning marks

Thin stripes of light skin against a tanned body look even more naked. They attract the eye and arouse the desire to touch these delicate areas of the body.

5. Disheveled hairstyle

6. Lack of makeup

Scientists have estimated : 40% of people find girls without makeup more attractive.

7. Tummy

A small tummy only adds appeal. Scientists say that the main thing is maintaining proportions in the figure. Studies show that when viewing photographs of women with an hourglass figure, the zones responsible for pleasure are activated in the brains of men.


Scientists Say That These 7 Strange Things in Women Actually Attract Men
East News  

Without makeup, with tousled hair, eat food from plate of man, you can remain the most charming woman in his eyes.

Have you noticed in your loved one such imperfections that are more valuable than any virtues? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo face to face / East News , pixabay.com

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